Vaginal yeast infection prevention

How to Prevent Vaginal Yeast Infections?

Here are some useful steps how to prevent and reduce the risk of vaginal yeast infection occurrence:

  • The first and most efficient step is to abstain from sexual interaction till the infection has been cured;
  • Healthy food will also help to reduce the risk of infection occurrence. Stick to a balanced diet rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, dairy products, etc. Food containing lactobacillus can also become part of your everyday healthy diet;
  • Always keep your blood sugar under control. It will decrease the risk of not only vaginal yeast infection occurrence, but also yeast infection on other parts of your body;
  • Avoid using antibiotics unless it is necessary or prescribed by your doctor. Antibiotic treatment appears to change normal balance of vagina environment that may result in yeast growth;
  • Proper genitals hygiene is a must;
  • Always keep your vagina clean using water and mild soap;
  • Choose the right underwear which does not keeps moisture and warmth inside creating perfect environment for yeast growth. Opt for cotton underwear;
  • Tight-fitting clothing is not the best variant to reduce the risk of vaginal yeast infection. Tight-fitting jeans and panty hose may increase the level of moisture and warmth in the area around your genitals;
  • Avoid wearing wet swimming suit for a long time. Change it as soon as possible to keep your genitals dry and cool;
  • Change tampons and pads as often as possible;
  • Avoid using such items as deodorant tampons, powders, feminine sprays and perfumes. They can have a negative impact on the balance of organisms in your vagina.

Follow Up

  • You need to follow prescription of your doctor if taking antibiotic medication;
  • Antibiotic treatment course is not always necessary (it should be prescribed by the doctor only);
  • Follow the course till you are absolutely sure the infection is gone (consult your doctor regularly during the course);
  • Avoid sexual intercourses till the infection is cured.

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