CRABS (STD) Prevention and Risk Reduction

Crabs STD prevention

Due to the fact that crabs are mainly transmitted from one sexual partner to another during sex intercourse, there are several easy ways to prevent and control public lice. In very rare cases crabs can also be obtained from toilet seats, clothing and bedding.


The following steps can be taken to prevent and control crabs spreading:

  • You need to examine all sexual contacts for infection. Contacts who are infected need the same efficient treatment of STD;
  • Infected patients should avoid sexual intercourse not only with their infected partners but also with other contacts which do not have crabs. Treatment is required;
  • All clothes and bedding that was used by the infected person need to be washed thoroughly in washing machine and dried using hot water not less than 130°F within a full laundry cycle. Those things which can’t be washed and dried should be kept in hermetic plastic bag for at least two weeks;
  • Avoid sharing bed linen, clothing, towels, pillows, blankets and other things with infected people;
  • Avoid using any kind of fogs or fumigants if infected with crabs. They are absolutely useless. Moreover they appear to be rather toxic and can lead to various health and skin problems;
  • Note that all patients infected with pubic lice need to be examined on all types of other possible sexually transmitted diseases, infections and viruses which can also occur.

Follow up

  • Always follow instructions and recommendations of your healthcare provider;
  • When using medications, follow prescriptions of your doctor in order to avoid possible side effects;
  • Inform your sexual partner about the fact you are infected;
  • Avoid sexual interaction till pubic lice are totally eliminated.

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