The list of Curable and Incurable STDs

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Get acquainted with detailed STD list that includes short descriptions and useful information on different diseases. We tried to make it as convenient as possible dividing it into two main classifications which include curable and incurable STDs. If you want to read information, click on particular STD.

List of STDs and STIs

STD Short Summary
Chancroid  • treatable STD, bacterial infection that causes painful sores.
Chlamydia  • treatable STD, bacterial infection of the prostate, urethra & female pelvis.
Crabs (Lice)  • treatable STD, parasites or bugs that live on the pubic hair in the genital area.
Gonorrhea (The Clap)  • treatable STD, bacterial infection of the penis, vagina or anus, aka “the clap”
Hepatitis  • five types; A & E are self-limiting; B, C, & D are cureless; B is preventable with a vaccine
Herpes  • treatable but often recurrent STD, viral infection causing blisters (anus, vagina, penis).
HIV / AIDS  • cureless STD, viral infection of the immune system (no cure fo this STD)
HPV / Warts  • cureless STD, viral infection of the skin in the genital area & female’s cervix.
Molluscum contagiosum • treatable STD, viral infection of the skin
Scabies  • treatable STD, mite parasites that burrows under the skin and lays eggs
Syphilis  • treatable STD, bacterial infection affecting genitals, heart, & nerves.
Trichomoniasis  • treatable STD, protozoan parasite infection of male urethra & female pelvis.
Yeast Infection  • treatable fungal infection of the vagina
Vaginosis  • treatable vaginal infection causing itch, burning, discharge & an odd odor
Yeast in Men  • treatable fungal infection of the tip of the penis, called balanitis
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease  • treatable disease, an infection affecting the female reproductive organs