Chlamydial Infection Prevention

Chlamydial Infection Prevention and Risk Reduction

  • Abstinence from sex is the best form of prevention.
  • Using latex condoms from start to finish every time you have oral, vaginal or anal sex.
  • Having sex with only one uninfected partner whom only has sex with you (mutual monogamy).
  • Water-based spermicides can be used along with latex condoms for additional protection during vaginal intercourse. Use of spermicide is not recommended nor found to be effective for oral or anal intercourse.
  • Have regular check-ups if you are sexually active.
  • If you have an STD, don’t have sex (oral, vaginal, anal) until all partners have been treated.
  • Prompt, qualified and appropriate medical intervention, treatment and follow-up are important steps in breaking the disease cycle.
  • Know your partner(s). Careful consideration and open communication between partners may protect all partners involved from infection.


  • Take all medications-even if you start to feel better before you finish the bottle.
  • Treat all partners.
  • Treat gonorrhea if it is not ruled out.
  • Inform all partners.
  • Abstain from sex until all partners are treated.

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