Can You Die From Herpes?

Can You Die From Herpes?

It is high time to collect various facts associated with herpes disease so that you can follow appropriate preventions and cures to stay healthy for long run. Herpes is generally caused due to HSV-I or due to HSV-II viruses. You must be aware about the fact that both these viruses use to attack separate parts … [Read more…]

Why Is My Tongue White?

The white tongue is a special condition, where white patches or spots are observed on tongue area. There can be so many reasons behind this whitening issue but it is mostly considered harmless. When someone observe white spots on tongue in mirror, he/she may get much worried about this disease but actually this condition can … [Read more…]

White spots on tonsils

What do white spots on your tonsils mean? Tonsils are the part of our body that fights against the virus and bacteria creating infections, playing an important role in maintaining the body’s immune system, focusing on the respiratory system. They contain cells that efficiently trap the infection that tries to enter our body. However, these … [Read more…]

Peeling Feet

Best Home Remedies to Get Rid of Peeling Feet Loss in upper layer of skin or epidermis is well known as peeling skin and this issue is often accompanied by itching, rash, dryness and several skin irritation problems. Here is one important fact to know that peeling skin is actually a symptom and it can … [Read more…]

Ringworm Pictures

Ringworm pictures

Ringworm causes & symptoms What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ringworm? Does it resemble worms moving in a circle slithering around your skin? If yes, then let us tell you that ringworm is far less creepy than the name suggests. Don’t go by its name as … [Read more…]

Is yeast a fungus?

The appropriate answer to the query ‘is yeast a fungus or bacteria?’ would be that yes, yeasts are a lot like fungi though they often look more like the bacteria. This often depends on an adaptation to live in a liquid medium of high osmotic pressure which usually looks for sources with high sugar content … [Read more…]

Foot rash: things to know

Foot rash

Rash is a noticeable change in the texture or colour of your skin. It creates reddishness and your skin becomes itchy, scaly and bumpy too! Skin is sensitive to certain environments which gradually develop into rashes if not addressed timely. This damage to outer layer of skin due to contact with chemicals such as household … [Read more…]

Dry Skin On Feet

dry skin on feet

If you think dry feet are not a big deal you must have a look at the weighty scientific word for it ‘Keratoderma plantare sulcatum’ to give it weightage phonetically first. Dry feet is a not just a cosmetic issue as our foot is more of a complex musculoskeletal system that takes the weight of … [Read more…]

Does Chlamydia Go Away?

Does Chlamydia Go Away?

The dangers of sexually transmitted viruses are increasing day by day and people these days are more in fear about how they can stay safe. Chlamydia is one of the common names in the list of sexually transmitted infections and most of its cases are reported in North America. It can affect males as well … [Read more…]



The word Chancre represents a medical condition with painless lesion or sore that commonly grows around genital region. You will find these sores like hard crab shells with diameter ranging between 1 or 2 cm. Note that, the word Chancre is taken from Latin dictionary where Chancre represents ‘cancer’ for crab. A person may get … [Read more…]

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