Can You Die From Herpes?

Can You Die From Herpes?
It is high time to collect various facts associated with herpes disease so that you can follow appropriate preventions and cures to stay healthy for long run. Herpes is generally caused due to HSV-I or due to HSV-II viruses. You must be aware about the fact that both these viruses use to attack separate parts of human body.

Here are few details about both these viruses that lead to Herpes disease:

HSV-I (Oral Herpes)

  • Oral herpes on upper lip of a woman

The HSV-I virus has potential to cause blisters on lips as well as inside mouth of patients. Studies reveal that, blisters are not limited to mouth or lips of the person but at the same time they can develop on face and tongue of the patient. This problem is well known as Oral herpes and it often affects skin surfaces.

HSV-II (Genital Herpes)

HSV-II (Genital Herpes)

Such type of virus symptom leads to sores in several secret parts of human body; you may often find its symptoms at buttock, near vagina, on anus or on penis. Females usually face sores in vagina when they are suffering with Genital Herpes. Same as Oral Herpes, this type of sores can appear over any part of your skin.

How can you die from herpes virus?

Many people have this question in their mind that can anyone die from herpes. The fact is that reports say that several people are infected from herpes by their childhood. HSV-1 virus usually travels from skin to skin with normal contact.

Herpes infection on the lips of a girl
It is also possible that affected person does not face any symptom like sores but still he can spread herpes to others. The harmful fluid from affected body can easily travel to another even while kissing, by using same utensils for eating or by using several routine personal belongings like toothbrush, towel etc.

The person affected with HSV-2 virus can spread this disease through sexual activities as well as due to contact. Countries that are sexually active are warned to be careful with herpes disease. People that have higher tendency to get affected with herpes are females, teenagers, sexually active partners and those who have weak immune system.

Note that herpes is not much dangerous disease until you face a serious health condition along with it. As it make your immune system weaker so there are more chances of facing other dangerous health problems. The best way to stay out of trouble is to get herpes tested on time and follow advise of medical professionals.

manifestation of herpes

However, there is not treatment available in medical world that can ensure complete removal of herpes but yes it is possible to reduce its effect with proper medications. The only reason for death due to herpes is having other serious health issue due to decaying strength of immune system.

Herpes also leads to HIV virus and this is the major cause of death in most of the cases, also affected person can cause trouble for their partners. It is good to stay aware about related symptoms of herpes and follow proper guidance from medical experts.


  1. Frances Mazzei

    I just was notified by my doctor that I have herpes surrounding my rectal area what can I take to make these go away and are they life threathening

  2. S. Mukherjee

    I have burning sensation during urination through out the urethra. Also noticed one pimple like structure inside urethra. I have taken all urinal infection medicine. Sometime there is constipation like condition in Anus (occasionally) . I am suffering from last 8 months. Urinal culture no bacteria found. Please help me.

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