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Women reproductive system follows several complicated processes that are not so easier to understand. But it is really important to have some idea about how changes happen inside because it can help you to control your pregnancy.

In simple words, fertility is defined as the ability of a woman to give birth to children. When we call someone fertile then it means the lady is able to perform the act of sexual intercourse and can lead to survival of a live fetus. Indeed, becoming a mother is one of the most beautiful things in the life of every woman.

So, it is good to have a deep idea about how all these processes happen inside and which factors play a major role to control your fertility.

Professionals reveal that there are so many things that can show a direct impact on your ability to become fertile. The most important factor is that the sperms generated by men must be healthy enough to survive.

Female reproductive system

It must be capable enough to move to the egg in women reproductive system and then fertilize whereas, on the other side, the woman must be capable enough to ovulate. When we talk about the essential factors required for fertility then here is an interesting thing to know, professionals, reveal that successful fertility is possible only if all these situations are optimally managed.

If you need more detail about this terminology and things associated with it then keep reading the details below.

What does fertile mean?

The term fertile is defined as the ability to develop, carry as well as give birth to children. The process actually begins with the production of eggs and sperms in the reproductive system of female and male partner.

Whenever the egg and sperm join each other in a healthy way then it leads to a complex process inside and if everything stays just perfect then the lady will get pregnant. Note that, in order to become pregnant or in order to conceive, the egg in the female reproductive system must be fertilized by sperm. Once it gets fertilized then next important thing is its flow towards fallopian tube and slowly it gets implanted on the uterine wall.


Fertilization is the union of an ovum and a spermatozoon. When a sperm contacts the surface of an egg, it initiates metabolic reactions within the egg that trigger the onset of embryonic development.

The most important condition for a successful fertilization is that men must be capable enough to develop healthy sperm and women must produce healthy egg as they both need to process well. Secondly, the medical conditions in the female vagina, as well as uterus, must be accurate so that fertilized egg can easily get implanted.

When does a woman go fertile in her lifecycle?

Here is something useful to know; the fertility duration actually depends upon the hormonal balance in your body. If you are able to have periods at right time then it may show maximum chances that your hormones are able to support ovulation. Also, if you get involved into intercourse at the right time of your monthly cycle then it may lead to positive results.

Here are few details about the best breakdown period

1. Depending upon age

The first most condition to be fertile is that your monthly periods must have been started. They generally get started by the age of 10 to 15 and will come in routine almost up to the age of 50 to 60. Depending upon various health issues, few women may find some changes in menopause.

2. Ovulation

It is high time to know that the periods are not a sudden process rather your body take a whole month to process them inside. Professionals say that periods are a big arrangement made by your body to make you able to conceive and get pregnant. As soon as your monthly period’s end, your reproductive system starts doing its processes to get prepared to produce new eggs for the next cycle.

Sperm and egg cell microscopic view. 3d illustration.

Sperm and egg cell microscopic view. 3d illustration.

Studies reveal that in most of the cases, the best egg is released on day 14 after periods and there are more chances that this egg can easily reach up to the fallopian tube. It takes around 24 hours to complete this whole process so if sperm is available during this duration then you may get pregnant.

On the other side, if we talk about sperm than it is capable enough to live for at least 4 to 5 days inside the human body. They simply take place in the vaginal canal and start swimming around uterus to find a way to reach up to the fallopian tube.

What does fertile window mean?

The popular theory reveals that ovulation in the female reproductive system starts when your periods are actually in a mid way. As already discussed, the 14th day after your periods is more common to produce bets egg.

However, the ovulation rate generally keeps on varying between different ladies and also depends upon cycles. When egg comes out of the ovary then it takes around 24 hours to fertile. In case if there is no sperm on the track then the egg will naturally break up and will find a way out of your body during your periods.

Ovulation chart showing Ovarian cycle

The fertile window can start anytime between few weeks or few days after your periods. This window generally ends right after ovulation but the fact is that this duration may vary for different females as it depends on so many factors like the consistency of cycles, external factors like stress and malnutrition etc.

As per medical health experts, a healthy woman is believed to follow a perfect cycle of 28 days. Although the process seems quite easier when we read it like this, the procedures followed by your body inside to achieve this are quite complex.

How can a Woman come to know that she is fertile?

Your body itself gives so many clues to define this state. The best idea to track your fertility is to use a period tracker. If your periods are regular and normal then you can have easy process ahead but in case if something is irregular about your periods then it may become difficult to predict the right fertility period. You need to observe all changes in your body very carefully so that the right signs can be observed at right time.

Here are few specific signs of fertility that every woman need to know:

  1. Moods:  young woman with dark hair smiling at cameraThe fertility cycle in the body of females is developed due to hormonal changes so they may often lead to variable feelings such as happiness, energy, tiredness or even depression. Generally, ladies use to have lots of energy during mid-cycle, they also feel sexy and stay more confident. You also want your partner to love you more. ‘
  2. Physical Changes: This pain is so exhaustive. WomanMost of the ladies observe cramping on one side at the time of ovulation and others may also suffer from back pain or headaches.
  3. Scent: Skin Smell. Closeup Of Handsome Male With Beauty Face And Stubble Beard Smelling Beautiful FemaleYour partner may compliment you that you smell really well; it usually happens around ovulation period. This enticing smell often brings partners together to initiate sexual intercourse.
  4. Shifts in body temperature: Basal body temperature womanYou might have heard about the term basal temperature; it is defined as the early morning body temperature. Generally, at the time of ovulation, this temperature may fall by certain range whereas it rises again after the ovulation.
  5. Changes in Cervical Fluid: panty liners and tampons on jeansAt the time of fertile window, ladies may notice more discharge and it uses to be thin as well as clear enough. It often gets stretched between fingers.
  6. Fertility prediction kits: BEST FOUR-DAY KIT: CLEARBLUE ADVANCED DIGITAL OVULATION TESTAs you are a part of the technologically advanced world so you can also prefer to use the fertility prediction kit. These tests can help you to get essential details about the cycle and they have the ability to track different changes inside. These kits can guide you better to recognize the fertility symptoms so that you can make most out of them.

Difference between Ovulation and Fertile

You should understand that ovulation and fertile both represent different processes. Note that, ovulation is the time when your body produces an egg that can under fertilization if there is a sperm around. This egg has the ability to live up to almost one day and this duration or one day is known as ovulation day.

A few days ago to ovulation, the female body produces fertile cervical fluid and it is responsible to allow sperm to live. Women are considered to be fertile when they have some cervical fluid inside their body. This fluid uses to be slippery, slimy and wet in nature.

What does fertile mean on the period tracker?

Ladies can buy a period tracker or advanced fertility monitors that can easily test your urine to depict the condition of your reproductive system. Never ever forget to manage a useful track of your periods so that one can make clear observations about all hormonal changes happening inside at different times.

Medical professionals have also developed few useful drugs to support corrective measures for fertility window so that couples can better plan about a baby. These kits are available at low price range so that number of people can take benefits with them. The best part is that period tracker can provide instant results for your measurements.

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