What Are the Causes of Male Genital Itching?

Male Genital Itching

Human body suffers several issues due to seasonal changes; development of fungi and bacteria is also one of them. Generally, it is capable enough to create a natural balance with the alterations in environmental conditions, but sometimes these changes start affecting the body in a negative manner.

Genital itching is considered as a very unpleasant condition that can happen due to several reasons such as allergy, infection, inflammation or cancer. Sometimes, irritation occurs just because of the repetitive exposure to the chemicals present in body care products such as soaps, perfumes, douches, lubricants, and creams as well. In case if the genital itching is caused by such irritants only, it can be recovered by simply avoiding the use of these allergens. But in case if there are some other causes like sexually transmitted diseases etc. then it is important to consult medical health professionals as soon as possible. Experts say that when a man feels itchy in his genital parts, it is often due to rashes caused b fungi, inflammatory skin diseases, lice or any kind of viral infection. No matter, what is the reason behind this itching, it is important to seek medical advice as soon as possible.

Causes of male genital itching

  • Fungal Infections:

Male Genital Itching

There are chances that you will develop itching along with some rashes, but their appearance actually depends upon the type of fungus by which your body is affected. For example, in case if it is due to yeast infection, there are chances that you will notice some moist and shiny skin areas around your penis. Some people also report white stuff over skin folders that is accompanied by some itchy rash with redness on the skin area. Note that yeast gets usually developed on the human body but if it has an overgrowth, there are chances of suffering from serious infections.

How to treat?

Experts say that all fungal infections can be easily treated with few specific antifungal creams. However, you can also try some natural alternatives to this in the form of coconut oil, oregano oil or tea tree oil. Note that whenever you apply cream or any essential oil for treatment of your genital itching problem, it must be applied at the dry region as it will help you to avoid moisture and the remedy will work more effectively.

  • Chafing:

Male Genital Itching

This condition occurs when thigh skin area rubs together. It is common for people who keep on doing activities that involve lots of friction such as running etc. It is observed that rubbing can usually cause a disturbance in your skin barrier leading to inflammation and cracks in the outer layer of the skin. It may appear red in color with irritating rashes that cause itching and burns.

How to treat?

It is possible to protect skin friction by using appropriate moisturizing cream. Preferably pick the one that has colloidal oatmeal as an active ingredient, and it must deliver zinc oxide. Some natural remedy to this type of genital itching is olive oil or aloe vera that must be rubbed gently at the affected area. The moisturizer must be paired with a zinc cream that can also help to prevent future rubbing by working as a protective barrier on your skin.

  • Intertrigo:

Areas of your genitals that contain more moisture due to repetitive sweating develop red rashes with time, and you may face itching in these affected areas. This condition is generally chronic and, in this case, along with itching, you may face some pain, burning sensation and stinging. This health condition is usually caused by too much exposure to moisture, heat, friction as well as due to lack of air circulation. In few cases, intertrigo is also mistaken with viral, bacterial or fungal infections. Medical health reports reveal that people that are affected by diabetes or obesity like symptoms are more likely to suffer intertrigo.

How to treat?

The best possible treatment to deal with this situation is keeping the affected skin area dry and clean all the time. Prefer to avoid tight clothes as it restricts the flow of air. You can also prefer to use a barrier cream that can easily prevent irritation. The inflammation can also be managed by using some topical steroid. In case if you are suffering from this kind of infection, it is better to use an effective antibiotic or antifungal treatment.

  • Pubic lice:

Some people also report the presence of some white or yellowish specks around the pubic hair roots. This condition may also cause intense itching. Medical health experts reveal that this condition happens because of the presence of eggs that belong to crabs or pubic lice. The moment when these eggs hatch, they start appearing tan or gray-white in color. Soon they start crawling on the respected skin area, and this condition leads to irritation and itching.

How to treat?

If you are facing genital itching due to pubic lice, it is important to take help from doctors on time. The best possible treatment for pubic lice problem is available in the form of shampoo and lotions. These solutions contain piperonyl butoxide and pyrethrins that helps to kill lice. Few natural remedies to treat this problem include tea tree oil and peppermint oil that can be used with some carrier oil to eliminate pubic lice problem. You can also try treating it by using a soft cloth soaked in a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar in the equal proportion and clean the affected skin area with it for almost 30 minutes.

  • Contact dermatitis:

Male Genital Itching

This health issue arises when your skin comes establish contact with something to which it is allergic. It can lead to more dreadful condition with super itchy and red colored rashes that also look bumpy. The area may also start releasing some yellowish fluid with time. In most of the cases, this problem happens when you add a new product to your routines such as fabric softener or laundry detergent. However, you may notice the reaction after few days when you begin using a new product. It not only causes itching in genital areas rather you may face rashes and allergy at other parts of the body as well. You may suffer more troubles with this disease if your skin is highly sensitive to allergens.

How to treat?

In order to get rid of this condition, prefer to eliminate the material or chemical that you think is responsible for such itching. Prefer to rewash your clothes with the detergent you were using earlier.

  • Herpes:

You might be aware of this dangerous sexually transmitted virus. People affected with herpes report itching in genital parts as their first noticeable symptom to this disease. This itching may slowly get converted into burning sensation, and you may observe a cluster of blisters that lead to painful sores.

How to treat?

In case if you observe any of these symptoms, it is important to consult your medical health expert as soon as possible. They will prescribe you some antiviral medication as like valacyclovir hydrochloride or acyclovir etc. If test results show that you are affected with herpes, it is important to let your partner know about it as soon as possible and prefer to get her tested as well.

  • Genital warts:

Genital warts are well-observed symptoms in patients affected with STI human papillomavirus. You will find them soft to touch, and they usually grow with skin colored appearance with a structure like cauliflower.

How to treat?

Those who are suffering from genital warts are advised to use some topical medications for immediate treatment. The commonly recommended medications include podofilox, imiquimod, and sinecatechins. Note that if virus remains in your system and the treatment is not effective enough to prevent it; warts may return in future.

  • Scabies:

It is a dermatological condition that is generally caused by mites. This health issue can affect adults and children as well. Many reports reveal that this condition is observed to be affecting the whole family at once as well. A person affected with scabies will observe small bumps on his body with bright red clusters. While affecting genital areas, these bumps may get spread to other areas of the body as well.

How to treat?

In order to treat scabies, you may need to use some topical cream. Prefer to contact medical health experts as soon as possible as they can stop it from spreading to other body areas so that you can avoid discomfort for the long run.

  • Jock itch:

Jock itch is also known as Tinea cruris, and this medical health condition generally affects adult males and adolescents. It is a kind of fungal infection that is usually observed in the area around inner thighs and genitalia. This infection usually targets the upper skin layer while showing some impact on hair and nails as well. Tinea cruris virus is categorized same as the bacteria that leads to athlete’s foot disease.

How to treat?

Jock itch disease can be treated by using some trusted antifungal ointments. If you are suffering from this disease, it is better to take a shower after every physical activity. Also, follow good hygiene while ensuring proper cleaning of linens and towels in routine. Prefer to use loose clothing to avoid spreading this infection and itching.

In case if you are suffering from genital itching, it is better not to ignore this problem so long otherwise it may cause serious health issues at a later stage. In case if you are not able to contact doctors immediately, it is possible to control the condition by using few trusted home-based remedies as well. The list includes yogurt, apple cider vinegar, garlic, salt water baths, cold compresses, boric acid and cranberry juice. The method to apply these home-based remedies is available in detail on the internet. However, the best advice is to contact an expert medical health professional to avail right treatment on time.

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