Viruses That Cause Nerve Pain

Viruses That Cause Nerve Pain

The nervous system in human body handles the distributed network of connections in your body that further helps to transfer signals/ instructions between the brain and different parts of the body. In case if this nervous system is attacked by certain disease, it may cause a major impact on overall body movements with several negative symptoms including weakness of muscles to organ dysfunction. Experts say that pain in nerves is the first sign of having some problem in the nervous system which can further lead to several potential symptoms and health complications.

In this article, we have highlighted few details about potential viruses that affect the nervous system and cause nerve pains:


Viruses That Cause Nerve Pain

Shingles disease is caused by a specific type of infection that stays inside body for several years without showing any symptom, and then it suddenly comes out of some noticeable issues. The virus is named as herpes zoster, and it also causes the development of chickenpox, the most painful disease that people usually experience during their childhood. Studies reveal that when the initial bout of the disease gets healed, the virus causing chickenpox takes a hidden shelter in the nerve bundles of the spine. It stays there for several years, and them reawakens late at the 60s. At this stage, it starts causing pains and rashes in the nerve fibers, and the discomfort may persist for around 30 days. The time when rashes on body get faded, the condition is known as postherpetic neuralgia.

Herpes Simplex

Viruses That Cause Nerve Pain

Here is another common virus that causes the development of nerve pains or neuralgia. Note that this virus is responsible for cold sores and genital herpes and same as Shingles virus, this virus also stays in the body for several years after its initial attack. It selects a hidden place in the nerve cells and keeps on growing along the whole nerve path with time. It outbreaks after several years causing severe pain in the thigh and leg area. This virus also reaches the skin surface and case development of lesions that are a common symptom of genital and oral herpes. Some reports show temporary paralysis of facial muscles due to the herpes virus. The moment when this outbreak subsides, herpes simplex virus goes back to the nerve area and stays there for a lifetime.


Viruses That Cause Nerve Pain

Studies reveal that around 15 to 50% of AIDS patients are in trouble due to predominantly sensory neuropathy. This disease further leads to so many health complications while causing serious damage to peripheral sensory nerves. The severe nerve pain has a major impact on the overall life quality of AIDS patients, so it is better to take appropriate treatment on time. HIV virus can cause aches in the joints as it destroys the healthy cells of immune system and patient’s body lose its ability to fight against pain, weakness and joint inflammations.

Fifth Disease

Viruses That Cause Nerve Pain

Fifth disease is also named as erythema infectious that is a viral illness affecting children; however, several cases of the disease are also reported in adults as well. Children start suffering disease symptoms after 4 to 15 days of infection, and the list may include nerve pains, general aches, malaise, vomiting, nausea, and fever. The symptoms may further progress to create lacy looking rashes on their body, cheeks, and extremities. It appears like the person is slapped on the face; however, the rash may or may not itch, and it generally goes away within 10 days. Many patients report serious nerve pains due to the fifth disease

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Infection

Viruses That Cause Nerve Pain

Cytomegalovirus can affect almost anyone, and once a person gets infected by this virus, it can stay in the body for a lifetime. Most patients don’t even know that they have CMV in their body because it rarely causes any serious health complication. But the symptoms may be severe for people with the weak immune system. A woman that develops CMV infection at the time of pregnancy may also transfer it to her baby, and the newborn can later suffer related signs and symptoms. The CMV infection can be fatal in people with compromised immunity, especially those who have undergone a certain organ transplant. CMV can spread from one person to other via body fluids such as breast milk, semen, urine, saliva, and blood as well. The sad fact is that there is no possible cure for this virus; few medications can help the people having a weaker immune system.

Hepatitis C

Viruses That Cause Nerve Pain

Hepatitis C is one of the most chronic liver diseases that affect the huge population in the United States. In few cases, patients suffering from Hepatitis C also develop peripheral neuropathy. Studies reveal that hepatitis C virus gets spread person to person via direct contact with the infected blood. However, many cases of disease virus are also reported due to use of contaminated equipment during tattooing, acupuncture, body piercing as well as through intranasal cocaine when it is taken through shared equipment. There are rare cases of transfer of disease by childbirth or sexual contact. This disease also causes inflammation in the liver that can further cause serious health issues like liver cancer or liver failure. Studies reveal that the chronic Hepatitis infection usually takes 10 to 40 years for causing complete damage to the liver area; however, proper treatment can help in complete recovery as well.

Epstein Barr Virus

Viruses That Cause Nerve Pain

Epstein Barr Virus is a well known HHV-4 herpes virus that causes mild discomfort to the sufferer. This virus is capable enough to stay in the human body for a lifetime and for few patients it also causes serious health complications. Some reports reveal that multiple sclerosis and EBV have some connection that makes this virus capable enough to attack nerve tissues in patient’s body. Around 50% of children are observed to have this virus in their body at the age of five, and by adulthood, almost 95% of people get infected with this disease. The common symptoms of this disease are nerve pain, sore throat, severe fatigue, swollen lymph nodes, and fever. The severe infections can even become mononucleosis, and right after the initial attack, the virus stays inside for life with few or no symptoms.

West Nile Virus

Medical health reports reveal that West Nile Infection is originally caused by a mosquito-transmitted virus. It is observed that most infected people do not develop any kind of symptoms or signs with this disease; however, few can experience mild discomfort due to a headache and fever. The scary fact is that there are many cases of life-threatening conditions as well where patients suffer serious spinal cord inflammation along with unbearable pain in nerves. When the disease signs are mild and unnoticeable, they get recovered automatically with time, but in case of severe discomfort due to a headache, sudden weakness, disorientation, and fever, patients need immediate medical help. Note that the mild signs of the disease include fever, skin rashes, headaches, fatigue, body aches, and vomiting whereas the serious infection causes seizures, tremors or muscle jerking, coma or stupor, partial paralysis, muscle weakness, confusion, disorientation, stiff neck, severe headache and high fever.

Tips to treat nerve pain with home remedies

No matter what is the cause of your nerve pain; there are few trustworthy home remedies that can help you to get some relief. Some of these are listed below:

  • Hot water bath:

One of the most potent remedy for nerve pain is hot water shower or bath. It works effectively because it has the ability to improve blood circulation for the whole body that further leads to deep care treatment and reduces nerve damage.

  • Chamomile:

This natural herb can help you to ease the nerve pain in an effective manner. There are so many methods to consume chamomile in routine; most people live to drink it in the form of a delicious tea. This herb consists of spasm dissolvent and potential analgesic qualities that are effective enough to treat nerve pain.

  • Garlic Milk:

You might have heard about impressive medical health benefits of Garlic. It is popular for its impressive antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties. You can prepare garlic milk by boiling a half cup of milk with two crushed garlic cloves. It is capable enough to ease the sciatica nerve pain. Experts also advise using crushed garlic with warm mustard oil to massage the painful area to the ease the nerve pain.

  • Celery:

Smallage and Marsh Water Parsley are other popular names for Celery, and it is considered as a powerful herb for treating nerve issues. Celery contains nervine as a potential component that helps to calm down the muscles and bring them to the normal state of operation. The best idea is to mix a half cup of celery into the carrot juice to have fast relief from nerve pains. Some people also prefer to consume celery juice by combining it with potato juice to alleviate serious nerve issues like sciatica pain.

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