Unipolar Depression: Everything to Know

Unipolar Depression

What is unipolar depression?

Unipolar depression definition indicates it a form of major depression. It is usually characterised as a continuous feeling of sadness or losing interest in all activities around.

Here, the term unipolar simply indicates difference between bipolar depression and major depression that actually represent some kind of oscillating state between mania and depression. The condition of unipolar depression completely focuses over negative emotions and person keeps on feeling low all the time.

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The best thing to know here is that Unipolar Depression is well analysed and understood by the experts in medical community so it is possible to treat this state of mind with talk therapy as well as using few specific medications. The article below contains complete details about treatment, causes, symptoms and statistics associated with this particular medical condition.

Studies about Patients Suffering with Unipolar Depression

As per the details included in Journal of the American Medical Association, about 20 to 26% of women and approximately 8 to 12% of men in United States are suffering with lifetime depression issues.

Although, these states does not represent the major issues in the States as this disease just affect the minor section of whole population and most of these sufferers don’t even need any specific treatment.

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Note that these males and females does not encounter lifetime depression occurrences and reports of year 2005 reveal that the average affected age with depression is 32. As per the stats discussed above, it can be seen that females in the country are more affected by depression as compared to males.

Actually, there are several reasons behind finding women more affected with unipolar major depression problems. But the actual tendency of this depression is to occur with several other major illnesses as well as severe mental conditions.

These troubles can lead to anything essential ranging from pregnancy to several recurring or chronic troubles. As per the studies carried by National Institute of Mental Health, almost 25% of cancer sufferers, one third of the heart attack survivors and around one third population of HIV patients usually suffer with major depression.

Although few major troubles are more related to man, still psychology reveals that there are several psychological reasons behind finding large numbers of woman affected with this medical condition.

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One of the major reasons behind this trouble in women is the genetic predisposition and fluctuating hormonal conditions at the time of menopause, childbirth and puberty. Note that, unipolar depression is actually a major issue for men as well as women so if it is ignored as it is then it may further lead to uncontrollable conditions.

But, you will be glad to know that as per the medical professionals, almost 80% of unipolar depression sufferers show positive results towards treatments and it can be observed within 4 to 6 weeks when medication doses are started. Most of the time, professionals use to follow combination of treatments to improve this medical health issue so that fast response can be observed from patient.

Causes of Unipolar Depression

As there are large number of people suffering with Unipolar Depression so the causes behind occurrence of this disease are also many and they find their origins over variety of situations. Few journals in medical health branch reveal that genetics is one of the major causes of depression disorder.

Genetic engineering and gene manipulation concept. Hand is replacing part of a DNA molecule. 3D rendered illustration of DNA.

Genetic engineering and gene manipulation concept. Hand is replacing part of a DNA molecule. 3D rendered illustration of DNA.

Within last few years, almost three fold rises have been observed in the number of patients suffering with unipolar depression and it is commonly found in the first degree relatives of the sufferers out of the general population. Thus, it is well understood that depression is a state that can be commonly observed in family tree with several anatomical and physiological basis.

Note that, several medical conditions and co-occurring illnesses can reflect serious risk of major depression episodes.

Also, several symptoms of the disorder may lead to extreme conditions of depression like:

  • Shift in appetite, undereating and overeating.
  • Sleep deregulation or offsetting of circadian rhythms.

Making proper adjustments for all these habits and patterns can help you to avail easy treatment for depression. And at the same time this improvement can lead to relief for several symptoms in addition to the professional treatment.

Types of Unipolar Depression

Very few of you might be aware that there are different types of unipolar depressive disorder and they have major impact on routine life of the sufferer. All of these get generated due to different causes but the symptoms associated with them can be almost similar like lack of interest or excessive melancholy type feeling.

Below we have listed some of the major types of unipolar disorder and few related characteristics:

  1. SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder: Such type of depressive disorder is observed at specific time of the year. Most of the people face this issue in the winter season when they are not able to find appropriate sun light. Most of the experts throughout the world believe that it is possible to treat SAD with light therapy but still almost half of the SAD patients do not show good response to light therapy only, the treatment must be combined with few medications and counselling to avail noticeable results.Depressed or sad man walking in winter
  2. Psychotic Depression: In this case, person suffers with some kind of hallucination or feels some conditions that do not have any link with the reality. It is mostly observed when person has already gone through a state of past depressive disorders and is affected with certain kind of traumatic event.Young ill man with Psychotic Depression
  3. Postpartum Depression: Such type of depressive disorder is often observe din new mothers as their body use to undergo several hormonal changes during this time. The stressful condition of the feeling associated with tensions to raise a new child and several changes inside body collectively leads to postpartum depression and it has major impact on moods of the person. Studies also reveal that parents who go for adoption can also suffer the similar kind of symptoms.Woman sits with her child, postpartum depression
  4. Melancholic Depression: In this state, person suffers with several signs of depression that are related to weight loss as well as shows decay in interest of ever loved activities of the sufferer. Such kind of depression can be also caused with an intense feeling of losing someone. The typical condition of melancholic depression is related to mood and the routine interactions with others. Some of the most common symptoms include social anxiety, heaviness in limbs and hypersomnia.Sad woman or teenager girl looking through a steamy car window
  5. Catatonic Depression: Patients that are suffering with Catatonic Depression are observed to experience several behavioural issues and motor related troubles. Person often feels immobilized or starts facing few involuntary movements. Note that, this medical health issue reflects major risk to overall well being of the patient and this condition acts like major barrier to possible treatments of catatonic depression. The symptoms and signs associated with catatonia usually cause interference with essential activities of routine lifestyle.Businessman falling down the steps of staircase

Signs and Symptoms associated with Unipolar Depression

There are several contributing factors towards causes of unipolar depression. These issues usually show effect on behavioural changes and some routine reactions that person feels. Depending upon type depression person is facing at a time; the unipolar depression symptoms may vary as below:

  1. Undesired weight loss or uncontrollable weight gain.
  2. Suicidal thoughts or morbid.
  3. Lethargy and exhaustion.
  4. Too much increase in sleeping.
  5. Disinterest in regular activities or withdrawing from several loved ones.
  6. It may also cause irritability.
  7. Forceful distance with loved ones.
  8. Person is not able to focus.
  9. One often feels restlessness.
  10. Agitation.
  11. Person is not able to look at positive solutions of any situation.

Depression signs and symptoms infographics

Unipolar depression Vs bipolar depression

There are few noticeable differences associated with bipolar depression vs unipolar depression. This state is commonly related to behavioural shifts, feelings and the differences that person feel during different stages of treatment. Unipolar disorder is often known as depression whereas bipolar is named as mania.

General symptoms of unipolar depression are as listed above whereas symptoms of mania leads to decay in sexual derive, some kind of agitation, fast speech, aggressive or impulsive behaviour, decrease in sleep and extreme irritability.

Potential Treatments associated with Unipolar Depression

There are so many unipolar depression treatments available throughout world. Some of the most common approaches related to this mental disorder are electroconvulsive treatment, antidepressant medications and psychotherapy.

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Although, ECT is usually avoided until few extreme situations occur. In case if you are facing troubles or symptoms of unipolar disorder then it is good to take medical assistance as soon as possible. You can find huge information related to unipolar depression over internet and medical professionals can help you to go through several unipolar depression treatment options but the best idea is to go through the solution that suits your lifestyle.

People suffering with unipolar disorders usually face negative thoughts in mind and they lose interest in routine activities so it is essential to switch to a counsellor or medical professional that can assist you to live a happier life. It is good to find some motivational exposure towards lifestyle so that overall improvement can be achieved soon.

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