Rectum Function

Rectum Function

One of the most active systems inside human body is digestive tract that starts from mouth and covers esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine area and finally reaches at rectum. This last part of digestive tract use to connect large intestine with anal canal. In normal adults, this part is observed to have 18 to 20 centimeter length.

It is divided into three different parts where upper third is mobile and it possesses peritoneum cover, middle third portion is the widest part of rectum and it stays within bony pelvis, the lower third portion lies inside muscular floor of pelvis. There are so many important things to know about rectum and its functionality, keep reading the details below to gain complete information about this essential part of body and the medical conditions associated with it.

Functions of Rectum

Digestive System of Human Body

Digestive System of Human Body anatomy with all parts esophagus stomach pancreas liver gall bladder duodenum small large intestine cecum appendix rectum anus anatomical structure of abdomen


The major function of rectum in the digestive tract is to stock all the waste matter that is eliminated out after processing of food inside human body. Once, body finishes the digestion process inside intestine then everything that is left behind is directed towards rectum along with bacteria as well as the digestive juices. Rectum helps to store all the feces till the time person excretes them out.

How does the defection process work with Rectum?

Whenever the waste material gets accumulated inside rectum it starts delivering pressure on rectum walls. This process leads to a ‘defecation reflux’ that causes contraction of rectal muscles and gives a feeling like you need to move to the toilet. In case if person does not follow the excretion process immediately then feces starts getting harder with time with absorption of fluid and they further leads to constipation like issues.

Lower gastrointestinal (GI) Tract X-ray Radiography (Barium Enema), case of CA rectum, a 54 year old female

Lower gastrointestinal (GI) Tract X-ray Radiography (Barium Enema), case of CA rectum, a 54 year old female

Several Disorders Associated to Rectum and its functions

The fact is that there is no definite age limit for rectal disorders, they can happen any time and can affect any person. Most cases of inflammation are observed in youngsters whereas tumours are more commonly found to occur in older people.

In case if you are facing any trouble in normal excretion process or feeling some kind of discomfort or pain in rectum then it is essential to consult medical professionals to find best solution. Sometimes the symptoms may go serious with rectum bleeding, changes in bowel movements and due to muscus discharges. These things can happen due to symptoms of few serious medical conditions like rectal prolapse, rectal injuries, rectal cancer, rectal inflammation and haemorrhoids.


When a person is not able to excrete or have troubles like constipation then rectum veins start getting swollen, this situation further leads to more discomfort and pain. This health issue is well known as haemorrhoids and it leads to an itchy feeling in that particular area, it may also lead to bleeding.


When people find blood mixed with their stools or they suffer with deep pain during excretion process then it may be the symptom of Hemorrhoids. Studies reveal that almost most of the people of 50 age group in America are facing this trouble. It is advised to consult your medical professional to find best solution for treatment of haemorrhoids; most probably, a balanced diet can help to get rid of constipation issue.


If you find your rectum inflamed then it could be just because of a common disorder named as proctitis. People suffering with this issue often feel like they need to empty bowels again and again and in most of the cases stools may contain mucus, pus or blood etc.


In case if you are facing any of these troubles then it is important to go for medical check up as soon as possible. Such type of inflammation generally occurs because of disorder in digestive system thus professionals recommend consuming right food items. The best part is to include fibers in routine diet.

Rectal Cancer

Rectal Cancer is considered as one of the highly dangerous and common cancer in the body of males as well as females in the Western countries.

Rectal Cancer

In case if you face any kind of bleeding from rectal area or find difficulty in passing stools with ease, find some pain in abdomen area, feel some unwanted changes in bowel movements or are facing medical issues like constipation then it becomes essential to go for treatment so that all defects can be handled carefully at right time.

Taking steps for Prevention of Rectal Cancer

Rectal Cancer is observed to follow a family history of diseases where commonly causes get transferred directly to child from mother. In order to prevent your health from this major issue, it is good to add routine screenings, avoid using alcohol, following proper diet and leaving habit of smoking. Below are few potential solutions for treating rectal cancer with home based medical diagnosis procedures.

1. Medical treatment

Rectum Function: Medical treatment

Those who are suffering with this trouble after age group of 50 or are facing this issue due to genetic symptoms then it is essential to ask doctors for proper treatment. Proper diagnosis is always the first choice for getting rid of rectal cancer symptoms. Follow the complete screening process with a trustworthy physician. Note that this medical screening process includes colonscopy, fecal occult testing and sigmoidoscopy etc.

2. Exercise Routines

Rectum Function: Exercise Routines

There is no doubt to say that exercises have several health benefits and one most important one in this list is initiating fight against rectal cancer. It has ability to reduce rectal cancer by at least 25%. With the sedentary lifestyle there are chances for problems such as irregular bowel movements and constipation etc. Prefer to find at least half an hour every day to improve conditions of rectal cancer.

3. Stop drinking and smoking

Rectum Function: Stop drinking and smoking

It is well proven that drinking alcohol and smoking may lead to troubles like rectal cancers and several different types of cancers. Those who are following routine drinking routines from several years or are chain smoker have higher chances of facing rectal cancer. Note that passive smoking is also much harmful for your health so it is always advised to stay away from smoking people. The best way to improve your health is to quit smoking and drinking completely.

4. Follow Balanced diet

Rectum Function: Follow Balanced diet

The best way to get rid of rectal cancer is to improve your eating habits. Medical professionals suggest adding requited amount of fibers, minerals and vitamins to their routine diet. It is good to choose healthy food items like vegetables, fruits for routine diet as they serve like rich sources of anti oxidants and nutrients etc. Fruits and Vegetables use to contain fiber in huge amount that assists in digestion process so that common medical issues like diarrhea and constipation can be removed.

5. Healthy body weight

Rectum Function: Healthy body weight

It is essential to maintain body weight as per height and age because obesity is one of the most popular causes of cancer and it may also lead to rectal cancer. This issue is more common in case of males so the best advice is to follow proper guidance from medical professionals and follow routine of proper physical activities so that ideal weight condition can be achieved and maintained so far.

6. Green tea

Rectum Function: Green tea

There is no doubt to say that green tea has several health benefits; several studies have proven that just a single cup of green tea in routine can lead to drastic improvement in overall health. Green tea is believed to contain lots of essential substances that have ability to initiate a preventive step towards most of cancer related issues. Doctors prescribe drinking one or two cups of green tea so that body can tune to great health and one can stay fit so long.

7. Drink more water

Rectum Function: Drink more water

While following healthy diet routines it is essential to drink plenty of water every day so that digestive system can work in smoother manner and can take out complete waste collection easily out of body while maintaining proper absorption of essential nutrients.


Currently, about 40,000 people are facing rectal cancer issue and colon cancer is observed in more than 100,000 people only in US. Most of these medical conditions are found in people falling in the age group of 50. Many times, patients are not able to recognise symptoms of rectal cancer and later it may cause big troubles for overall health.

Some of the major symptoms of rectal cancer include diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, narrow or small stools and observing blood mixed with stools. So if you find any of these troubles in your routines then it is right time to contact your medical professional to find best solution for treatment. As rectal has to perform major role in human body by working with digestive system so it is essential to provide proper care for improving its overall health.

Medical illustration of the rectum

Medical illustration of the rectum

Try to include digestive juices and fiber rich diet schedules to improve functionality of digestive tract so that whole body can stay tuned to normal health. This medical condition can affect people of all age groups even including kids and have major focus on people of 50 age groups so it is good to stay careful about your health and stay connected to medical professionals.


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