Prostate Pain

Prostate Pain is also known as Prostatodynia and it is some kind of discomfort that prostate gland faces during three major cases: when person is affected with prostate cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostatitis. This pain often varies person to person and is also observed to be radiating to other connected part of body. Most commonly people face extension of prostate pain on the tip of penis as well as in the lower back.

Most of the times, prostate biopsy pain uses to affect a wide area in lower abdomen or may lead to trouble in entire pelvis. When person is suffering with the issues discussed above then there are rare chances of no pain as at least small amount of pain is always present. The pain or discomfort may be missing at the time of chronic prostatitis and with mild BPH but it increases with secondary prostate gland infection as well as with acute exacerbations.

  • Prostate - (BPH) Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH, prostate growth affects virtually all men over fifty.
    Prostate - (BPH) Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH, prostate growth affects virtually all men over fifty.

Note that, Prostate Pain may be of non-specific type in certain conditions but sometimes it may be associated with chronic pelvic pain syndrome. When pain is associated to prostate gland then it can be observed with few specific types of urinary symptoms, inflammatory cells, or microorganisms in urine or semen or one may face prostate pain after ejaculation.

Generally, prostate pain is recognised as pain or discomfort that is noticed deep behind the penis area as well as in scrotum. Few cases have been reported where patients does not notice extension of this pain to rectum. Actually, the type of pain varies significantly where few patients report only mild discomfort as like they do not find bladder completely empty, feeling of fullness, pressure but the actual deep pain may be missing.

Normal prostate and acute prostatitis. Medical illustration

In other cases, prostate pain symptom may appear like mild, dull ache, moderate or severe pain. Sometimes this pain leads to burning sensation, where attacks can be sharp enough with stabbing pain. It can also lead to bursting pain that is also similar to condition when bladder goes extremely distended. It is quite difficult to identify actual state of prostate health with pain only thus one need to go through few other symptoms too.

Prostate Pain Locations

Although, this prostate pain is often observed in complete perineum and pelvis but sometimes it may follow a close relation to the surrounding areas too. First of all, person must be aware about the actual location of prostate gland so that he can identify the pain associated with it.

Male prostate anatomy of human organs in x-ray view

Male prostate anatomy of human organs in x-ray view

The prostate gland generally lies in front of the rectum, exactly behind the pelvic girdle, above levator ani muscles and below the bladder. Thus pain may be observed in these surrounding areas too. Some of the common pain cases include locations such as:

  • Testicular Pain
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Coccygeal Pain
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Groin Pain
  • Rectal Pain
  • Bladder Pain etc.

Symptoms associated with Prostate Pain

Studies reveal that in many cases, prostate problem may be silent and that is why pain is not reported always by the patients.

Enlarged prostate and male sexual organs: prostatitis

Enlarged prostate and male sexual organs: prostatitis

Some of the most common issues that are reported usually with prostate pain include several urinary problems. Below are few details most common signs associated with indication of the prostate pathology:

  • It may include blood in semen.
  • One may also notice blood in urine.
  • Some conditions report post micturition dribble.
  • It can also cause painful ejaculation.
  • Sometime patient may face urgency to urinate.
  • Few cases report sensations leading to feeling of fullness in bladder or person may feel incomplete urination at times.
  • It may also cause straining for urination.
  • There are few conditions where people may face frequent urination; they may even wake up several times at night.
  • Sufferers may find difficulties in urination.
  • It leads to pain during urination.
  • Burning sensation at the time of urination.

In few severe prostate conditions, person may face troubles like huge weight loss, fever, erectile dysfunction, and swelling in legs or decay in urine. In these typical conditions, one must consult doctors as soon as possible.

Natural Treatment Options for Prostate Pain

As prostate pain is associated with all three conditions like prostate cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostatitis so it is good to find some natural remedies for such prostate troubles. Although, medical science has developed several medications and treatment solutions for this condition but natural therapies are always the most trustworthy options. The major reason behind using home based remedies is that they do not lead to any side effect; so person can stay safe.

1. Diet and Exercise

Studies have proven that appropriate diet routines can also lead to reduction in prostate pain. The very first task that every patient need to do is drink lots of water and prefer to avoid alcohol and caffeine. However, it is acceptable to drink few healthy sports drinks and other non-sugary juices for prostate pain relief.

Prostate Pain: Diet and Exercise

Try to add numbers of fiber rich food items into your routine diet as it can deal with diarrhea like issue that is associated with prostatitis. In order to improve energy inside your body and boost ability to initiate fight against disease, one needs to do exercises in routine. Spare at least half an hour every day for your good health. This home based remedy actually helps to improve blood circulation inside body that can immediate help to recover the painful conditions.

2. Epsom Salt

It is believed that taking bath with Epsom salt may help to recover prostate pain. However, it is not essential to take full bath with this salt, prefer to fill your bath tub to such a level that water content can stay close to your hip area.

Prostate Pain: Epsom Salt

Prefer to add only one or two tablespoons of Epsom salt into this water and then sit inside this tub for at least 15 minutes to find great results. Prefer to try this home based remedy at least once in a day to have fast relief.

3. Medications

Medical science has developed several medications for treatment of pain in prostate. Even normal pain killers are effective enough against this pain. Always prefer to consume these medications as per physician’s recommendation so that side effects can be avoided.

Prostate Pain: Medications

In case if you are facing some troubles to go to bathrooms then it is advised to take some stool softer that can help your buttocks to deal with the pain. But in case if you are suffering with enlarged prostate pain then one needs to avoid consumption of pain killers, also allergy medications are required to be avoided during this condition.

4. What to avoid and list of helpful foods

As diet has to play major role for prostate cancer pain relief so it is better to collect huge information about what is good to eat and what should be avoided during prostate pain.

Prostate Pain: What to avoid and list of helpful foods

Medical professionals suggest avoiding red meats if you are facing prostate pain due to cancer. However, patient can eat other lean meats such as fish and fowl. Also, it is good to avoid fatty food items and the biggest harm can be caused by processed or fast food items so it is good to take them away from your diet.

The list of helpful food items includes grains; prefer to add whole grains and rice etc into your routine diet. Other than this, it is essential to include green leafy vegetables, acidic fruits, berries and beans into routine diet to improve overall health of your body.

5. Rye Grass Pollen

One more top recommended remedy for prostate pain caused by prostatitis is rye grass pollen. Actually, this substance use to contain anti- inflammatory compounds and it naturally helps to initiate a fight against inflammatory process so that back pain prostate cancer can be controlled.

Prostate Pain: Rye Grass Pollen

This home based remedy is widely used for treatment of severe prostate conditions. Prefer to consume at least 126 mg of these rye grass pollens three times a day to avail best results.

6. Physiotherapy

It is also possible to gain relief for prostatitis pain with physiotherapy but it is important to consult professionals for this task. This treatment helps to strengthen and stretch muscles at hip area and back. It further helps to improve the balancing system for muscles inside whole body so pain cannot be triggered again.

Prostate Pain: Physiotherapy

With little improvement in bladder control, one may avail better treatment for urination difficulties associated with pain. Some of the major components of Physiotherapy are application of ice, heat and massage etc. Prostate massage for back pain is one of the highly rated remedy.

7. Quercetin Supplement

You must be aware of the fact that quercetin is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory plant extract and studies reveal that it plays essential role in treatment of prostate pain and swelling etc. This anti oxidant agent also helps to protect prostate gland from several harmful activities during metabolism process.

Prostate Pain: Quercetin Supplement

While consuming these supplements, one must also improve diet with fruits such as grapes, dark cherries, olives, citrus fruits and apples etc. Symptoms of prostate problems like prostate pain when sitting or prostate cancer symptoms back pain well treated with this side effect free supplement that is easily available in market.

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