Pheromone Perfume

Pheromone Perfume

Pheromone Perfume for Woman

We all know that pheromones are chemicals released by an animal or an insect that alters the behavior of another animal or insect of the same species. They alter the behavior patterns including sexual behavior.

But is it actually possible to attract men with a woman’s scent? Like animals, humans too emit scents as sex signals. It has been established that animals and many such other species communicate this way by releasing pheromones; it is still under research whether humans can communicate like this also.

PherX Pheromone cologne

PherX Pheromone cologne

PherX Pheromone colognes are chemical concoctions containing the Pure Human Pheromones in the highest concentration. In each 30 ml bottle of the liquid, there is 18 mg of Androstadienone, Androstenone, Androstenol and Androsterone Pheromone. A Pheromone perfume for woman contains a blend of Copulins and Estratetraenol. PherX is considered the best pheromone perfume.

Marilyn Miglin Pheromone Perfume

The marilyn miglin pheromone perfume has also been quoted as the world’s most precious perfume. Its flavor is sensual and intoxicating. This scent is for those women who have the spark of an adventure in them and love to make their life like an adventure.

This perfume evokes romance, excitement and attraction. This scent oozes of elegance and quickly owns the woman who wears it. 179 quality ingredients come together in the most romantic blend. These ingredients are some wild grasses, roots, flower essences, seeds, barks of exotic trees, essential oils from all over the world and some wine resins of the rare genre. Released in 1978, this fragrance has a complex mix of notes that makes it fantastic. It is powerful but not over the top.

Marilyn Miglin Pheromone Perfume

The top notes of this one are orange blossom, lotus, rosemary, mint and Italian bergamot. The heart notes are rose, bourbon geranium, cassia absolute, iris, Florentine, ylang ylang and Italian jasmine. The finishing notes are vanilla absolute, oak moss, east Indian Sandalwood, patchouli and vodka.

Does pheromone perfume work?

Also commonly called as the love potion, enough and more discussion has been done on whether the pheromones work or not. While it is an established fact that pheromones do compel animals and insects mate with each other of the same species, it is still a question whether the same theory applies for humans also. It is most commonly used to trigger sexual behavior.

To put more emphasis on the fact that hormones do affect the other partner of the same species, a test was conducted in which women’s tears were directly placed under men’s noses to prove the fact that doing so would decrease their testosterone levels and sexual arousal. This test was successful and proved true that women’s tears did rule out the question of any romance.

Pheromone Perfume

Similarly, pheromone was first claimed to attract the opposite sex by a fragrance company who did integrate it into their perfumes. The basic goal behind was to encourage positive emotions in any environment.

Pheromone perfume reviews

There are many positive reviews of the pheromone perfumes. Some women have also claimed that wearing this perfume, the only man they ever desired responded to them. The smell is like a baby powder fragrance making a woman feel fresh and clean.

Pheromone perfume for men

Pheromone perfume for men

These can be considered as secret weapons for men to attract or women or to appear far superior to other men. These perfumes also give a positive vibe that wins people’s hearts. Though all vendors promise and claim to deliver the impossible, there is a list of pheromone perfumes for men which have been rated amongst the 5 best ones.

These perfumes will make woman have a deep sense of attachment to the wearer. They show signs of subconscious fallout when you are not around and will imprint your fragrance into their minds. They tend to get clingier and even possessive over the wearer. It’s a great weapon to win over rivals or to get back ex-girlfriends.

  1. L2K: This one is quite seductive and magnetic. It is highly arousing and gets woman attracted and comfortable with the wearer. It projects a brooding kind of vibe and makes those women attracted to you who prefer that kind of attitude.L2K pheromone
  2. Aqua Vitae: This one is a powerful concoction that increases your seduction skills. It is really powerful and also can be considered as one of the most difficult pheromone colognes to use. It gets difficult to control your emotions and is best used by advanced pheromone users.Aqua Vitae pheromone
  3. Alpha Maschio: Boasts of increasing your assertiveness. It is best used by men who are experienced with their sexual powers, are dominant and more charismatic. It reduces your fear of rejection and will make you more assertive towards your dream woman. It also claims to impart a sense of clarity in the mind which will make you start and continue well with flirty conversations. Seduction comes easy on using AM.Alpha Maschio pheromone
  4. Evolve-XS: This one has been altered and re-altered over the years to reach perfection. It is one of the most popular pheromone blends available. It has the capacity to naturally take the course of your behavior from socially charismatic to sexual. Women open up and engage in meaningful conversations with you and will also flirt with you due to its affect.Evolve-XS pheromone
  5. Dirty Primitive: This one is slightly underrated as far as performance is concerned. But it does make the woman who is a little attracted to you get extremely attracted.Dirty Primitive pheromone

Pheromone perfumes for women

Before reading about the 5 best pheromone perfumes for women, let’s find out the main factors in choosing a good pheromone perfume:

  • Should be long-lasting: It should have the capacity of lasting for several hours to be able to give you a long and fun night
  • Should have money-back guarantee: What works for someone may not work for you. The company should be ready to give you your money in case you are not satisfied. That just proves the authenticity of the product.
  • Potent: read a lot of reviews before purchasing one as there may be many companies who just inject a small amount of the chemical which do not produce the desired effects.
  • Well within your budget: There are many companies in the market which sell pheromones at decent prices. Do your homework well before spending a handsome amount.

The top 2 best rated pheromones for women are as below:

  1. Pherazone perfume: This one has the highest value when compared to others per milligram dosage. Pherazone has 18 mg of pheromones. It is FDA approved and one can expect high quality results. It works well for all women of any group and also offers a money-back guarantee.Pherazone pheromone perfume
  2. Attract-RX: This product has the powerful capacity of attracting anyone you desire whether you are gay, old, young, man or woman. It is a herbal product making it absolutely safe to you. But the company has a bad name of being involved in unethical practices; hence one should be careful before dealing with them. It stimulates pheromone production in the body making one aware of one’s own pheromones occurring naturally. It is an unscented product but amazingly powerful. This one too has money-back guarantee.Attract-RX pheromone releaser

Pheromone Oils vs Pheromone Sprays

Both have the same ingredients but in different quantities and different combinations. Read on further to know more about the differences:

  • The oils are long lasting and the effect gradually builds. Sprays diffuse quickly as they are alcohol based. Alcohol evaporates quickly. Depending on the situation, one can choose the product.
  • Oils are more effective in hot climatic conditions. Alcohol evaporates faster in hot weather. Oils withstand the heat for longer.
  • Alcohol based sprays can attract someone from a distance of 10-15 feet whereas oils are effective at a distance of 4-8 feet.
  • Oils have a higher concentration of pheromones. They take some time but have deeper results mimicking the natural pheromones in our body.

How to spot fake pheromone perfumes for him and pheromone perfumes for her?

If you find 2 to 3 of the following factors while buying a pheromone beware of its authenticity:

  • No credible scientific study is listed on their page: All the biological study and research should be jotted down clearly on their site page. A detailed list of the ingredients should also be listed.
  • Site page is very sales oriented: This also calls for caution as those who are selling an original item will not worry too much about its sales. There won’t be any exciting offers to lure you.
  • Prices are too low: This definitely means that it’s fake. A good quality pheromone perfume requires a lot of extensive extraction process which is costly.
  • They claim too high: If their claims are just too good to be true, then it could be a potentially bogus product.
  • Their details don’t sound about right: Something sounds fishy on their product page about their details. Do extensive research before actually buying a pheromone product.

It’s better to buy a good quality and renowned pheromone if you want desired results.

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