What Is The Strongest Muscle In The Body?

What Is The Strongest Muscle In The Body?

Have you ever wondered how many muscles are present in the human body? Yeah! They are large in number. If you are a sports person, weightlifter or a do routine workout then you might have an idea about most of these muscles. But, most of the people stay confused about the … [Read more…]

Bloody Discharge

Bloody Discharge

It’s normal for women to bleed right after their menstrual cycle. Sometimes, a late discharge occurs towards the end of periods in women which is brown in color. Sometimes, a bloody discharge is also seen between periods which are often called as spotting. There are various kinds of bloody discharges … [Read more…]

Bleeding From Ear: Everything That You Need to Know

Bleeding From Ear

ContentsWhat are the major Causes of Bleeding from Ear?1. Ruptured Eardrum2. Malignant Otitis Media3. Fracture in Skull Area4. Viral Hemorrhagic Fever5. Otic Polyp6. The harm caused by Foreign Body7. Disseminated Intravascular CoagulationWhat are the common symptoms of Bleeding from Ear?What are the major complications associated with Bleeding from Ear?What are the most common treatments for … [Read more…]

Bumps on Scalp: Everything You Need To Know

bumps on scalp

ContentsTypes of Irritating Scalp Bumps1. Bumps that appear like Blisters on Scalp2. Red Itchy Bumps on Scalp3. Itchy Bumps with Lumpy Appearance4. Painful Itchy Scalp Bumps5. Tiny red bumps around scalp area6. Scalp Bumps that Keep on Growing7. Soft Scalp Bumps8. Acne or Cyst PimplesHome Remedies to Treat Bumps on ScalpStop Using Greasy Products for … [Read more…]

Cyst Removal Guide: Tune to a Healthy Lifestyle

Cyst Removal

ContentsSebaceous CystDiagnosis optionsSebaceous Cyst RemovalGanglion CystGanglion Cyst Removal with Surgical ProceduresGanglion Cyst Removal with Non-Surgical ProceduresEpididymal CystsPossible treatment proceduresVaginal CystDiagnosis of vaginal cystsAcne CystHow to Diagnose Acne Cyst?Popliteal CystPossible diagnosis of popliteal cystOvarian CystDiagnosis of Ovarian CystEpidermoid CystHow to diagnose Epidemoid CystTrichilemmal Cyst or Pilar CystDiagnosis MethodsPilonidal Sinus CystAvailable treatment options for Pilonidal CystPineal CystTreatment … [Read more…]

Back Acne

Back Acne

Your face is not the only place on your body where acne can appear. It can affect all those body parts which have oil secreting glands or hair follicles and that can include your back, … [Read more…]

Whiteheads: Everything that You Need to Know


ContentsWhat are Whiteheads?What are the possible causes behind Whiteheads?Few essential details about major causes of Whiteheads1. Puberty2. Hereditary Factors3. Stress4. Hormonal Changes at different stages of life5. Life HabitsWhat is the major difference between Whiteheads and Blackheads?What are the common parts of body affected by Whiteheads?Who are the common targets of Whiteheads?Available Preventions and Treatments … [Read more…]

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