Types of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer happens to be one of the most common types of cancer around the globe. In fact, as per the latest stats, the number of people who suffer from skin cancer is higher in the … [Read more…]

Degenerative Nerve Disease: Types, Causes

Degenerative nerves disease is a serious and life-threatening health condition that is also named as a neurodegenerative disease. As the name indicates, the disease has a major impact on nerves that are responsible for controlling various essential actions in the human body. When nerves … [Read more…]

Viruses That Cause Nerve Pain

The nervous system in human body handles the distributed network of connections in your body that further helps to transfer signals/ instructions between the brain and different parts of the body. In case if this nervous system is … [Read more…]

Bowel Infections

Bowel infections represent a group of intestinal disorders which lead to long term inflammation in the digestive tract. These diseases/infections are commonly known by an umbrella term Inflammatory Bowel Diseases and the type of infection and … [Read more…]

Hyperglycemia in Pregnancy

One of the most commonly observed health issues in the world is an uncontrolled level of glucose in the body. The symptoms of hyperglycemia often affect people that are already suffering from diabetes and pre-diabetes. However, few … [Read more…]

Disorders of the Male Reproductive System

Man’s reproductive system performs so many functions including production of sex hormones, ensuring fertility and sexual well-being as well. The male reproductive organs are also named as genitals and unlike female reproductive system; they lie inside as well as outside pelvis. The male genitals … [Read more…]

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