Foods to Increase Libido for Women

Foods to Increase Libido for Women

Whether it is stress or lack of essential hormones that cause decay in libido for women or men; the conditions must be treated on time. When you keep on ignoring such issues for a longer run, they create complicated situations like infertility, etc. The great news is that, instead of switching to expensive and side effect prone medications; it is possible to treat fall in libido for a woman with some food products. Yeah! If you switch to healthy diet, it is possible to make your partner more satisfied in bed.

Now, most of you might be interested to know about those food items that can boost sex derive in females. Don’t worry! This article can provide you a complete list of essential foods to achieve desired results.

Foods to Increase Libido for Women:

  • Spinach:

Foods to Increase Libido for Women

Spinach is considered the best source of magnesium, and this mineral is capable enough to decrease blood vessel inflammation that further leads to improve blood flow below the belt. This natural increase in blood flow in the extremities such as Viagra and the process ensures more pleasure during sexual intercourse.

  • Oysters:

Foods to Increase Libido for Women

From long past, the raw oyster is also popular as an aphrodisiac and the rich zinc content of this food assist in the production of testosterone level. At the same time, it also assists in the rich development of growth factor hormone. This source is responsible for improving physical performance and muscle strength so that you can stay active for a long time in the bedroom. Some studies also reveal that zinc deficiency in the body is one of the potential cause of increasing cases of infertility because it happens due to low testosterone levels in the body. Hence, routine consumption of oyster can prevent this major health issue in a woman.

  • Dark Chocolate:

Medical health professionals reveal that chocolate helps to boost dopamine and serotonin level in the human brain that further leads to a better mood. This refreshed mood is also responsible for low-stress levels, and a person can naturally stay more active. As per few studies, cocoa also helps to boost blood flow levels in arteries while relaxing the blood vessels. It helps to regulate blood flow in all parts of the body so that you can have more pleasure with your partner in bed.

  • Peppers:

Ladies always love the hot spicy dishes, and the great news is that it makes them hot in sexual terms as well. Hot peppers are capable enough to improve metabolism rate in body with better stimulation of endorphins. It increases sweating, speed up your heart rate and plump your lips as well. Hot pepper also improves blood flow to the essential areas of the body so that couples can have better sex

  • Green Tea:

The secret of successful sex lies somewhere in a hot cup of tea. Being a potential source of antioxidants, green tea is well known for its amazing health benefits. But the great news for females is that it also has rich catechin content that can take away your unwanted belly fat while improving the ability of your liver to turn fat into energy. At the same time, catechins also promote blood flow to essential parts of the body by killing off the free radicals inside that are otherwise responsible for inflammation of blood vessels. Catechins also ensure better production of nitric oxides in blood vessels that assist in improving the size of these blood carriers. The ultimate result is better sex drive along with several health benefits.

  • Pesto:

You can also start consuming pesto because same as oyster, it is also known as a rich source of zinc. Studies reveal that people who have higher zinc content in their body also have a higher libido, but lower levels can destroy all the mood in the bedroom. If you want to please your partner with your long hour performance, it is good to include pesto to your routine diet.

  • Ginger:

People who love sweet and spicy food can easily find so many options to improve libido, and most ladies are lucky in this matter. Ginger is another potential addition to the list of foods that can boost sex drive in females because it works directly on maintaining blood flow as well as artery health. Consuming almost one teaspoon of ginger within almost one week can provide you amazing benefits.

  • Pumpkin Seeds:

You might be a crazy fan of pumpkin spice latte, and it must be your favorite morning drink, but experts reveal that taking some of it before bedtime can improve your pleasure to share time with your partner. The pumpkin seeds are capable enough to boost mood because it assists in the development of essential amino acid that is named as tryptophan. It further leads to the better production of the mood-enhancing hormone serotonin. Few anti-depressants are also responsible for improving serotonin flow in the brain, but if you club them with pumpkin seeds, it is possible to see fast and better results.

  • Bananas:

Believe or not; banana is also included as an essential element in the list to boost libido in a woman. Note that banana is a rich source of potassium, it works effectively to counteract against food items that are having rich sodium content. Note that salty food items diminish normal blood flow in the genital regions and this process makes it much difficult to reach the organism. Some people also feel more bloated due to rich sodium content in their body. But the great news is that banana can help you to solve all these troubles, and you can enjoy higher libido levels.

  • Potatoes:

The market is loaded with so many varieties of potatoes; no matter whether you love the white ones or the sweeter variety; they are always the best source of potassium. This essential nutrient initiate fight against bloating effects of salts in the human body so that blood circulation can be improved. As a result, you feel better with your partner in bed and can also improve your bedroom pleasure. Potassium is also capable enough to boost your mood and can deal with depression.

  • Fatty Fish:

There is no doubt to say that oily coldwater fishes such as tuna, sardines, and salmon have rich omega-3 fatty acid content. But there are few more details that you need to know about these food items. This nutrient level improves heart rate, and at the same time, it boosts brain health with better dopamine levels. The improved blood flow with fatty fish consumption leads to improved arousal. Also, dopamine content makes you feel more connected and relaxed with your partner and sex becomes a complete fun.

  • Coffee:

Couples often love to visit Starbucks to enjoy coffee dates with their partner. The great news is that this delicious drink is also capable enough to improve libido in females. Its potential stimulants bring females into the mood, so if you are planning to link your date to bedroom pleasure, it is good to enjoy a cappuccino first.

  • Red Wine:

Foods to Increase Libido for Women

Those who are looking for some potential solution to boost their libido for the awesome bedtime pleasure and want to remove the predate fear from their mind are advised to enjoy one glass of red wine. When ladies drink one or two glasses of red wine; they switch to rich sexual desire can provide more pleasurable experience to their partner as well. But make sure you don’t take more than two glasses otherwise it can knock you back before you both start. Actually, red wine is capable enough to boost production of nitric oxide in the blood, and it further provides relaxation to artery walls. It naturally provides more relaxing bedtime experience.

  • Burgers and Steaks:

If you are also one of those ladies that blame their over busy work schedule for decay in sexual drive, you need a potential solution to deal with this issue. Experts reveal that most couples stop sex before it reaches its peak just because of the work stress, fatigue, and tiredness. Some medical health reports also say that iron deficiency is another major cause of lower sex drive in females. This deficiency also causes irritability, weakness, and exhaustion in the body, so you are not able to get intimate with your partner. But don’t worry; the delicious taste of burgers and steaks can solve your problem with ease.

  • Pomegranate Juice:

Indeed, pomegranate juice can improve your overall health, but at the same time, it makes you more active at bedtime to enjoy intimate time with your partner. Pomegranate is a rich source of antioxidants, and it also supports blood flow in the body so that ladies can enjoy better sex drive and can have a pleasurable experience with their partner.

  • Watermelon:

Make your date more special with the delicious flavor of watermelon. This fruit has rich lycopene content, even higher than tomatoes that rival Viagra leading to relaxed mood and improved blood circulation. It focuses on all essential parts of the body that are involved in maintaining your sexual performance.

  • Chia Seeds:

They are considered as most powerful and natural source for boosting testosterone levels in the body. The fatty acids in human body serve like building blocks for the development of essential hormones. Testosterone is directly connected to the feeling of motivation, power, well-being and better libido. Generally, the female body finds it little difficult to produce desired levels of testosterone hormones, and it further causes low sex drive. Consuming chia seeds in routine can improve your libido, and you will naturally have a good time in bed with your partner.

  • Nutmeg:

It is a popular Indian spice that is being used from ancient time to improve libido in females. A very small amount of Nutmeg is generally added to foods like tea, pastries, soup and dark hot chocolates; do not overdose it. Just a small amount of nutmeg can do a lot for your bedtime performance.

  • Garlic:

These over fragment cloves are rarely loved by ladies, but it is not about the passion for eating garlic rather it is about the passion to the impression your partner after the date. It is well proven that allicin present in garlic, shallots, onions, and leeks is the best solution to boost blood flow in the body. It also keeps your heart healthy so that you can enjoy sexual activities with more pleasure. In case if you are more worried about the bad smell released by it; prefer to consume it few hours before you get intimate with your partner.

  • Flax Seeds:

You will be happy to know that flax seeds are a good source of phytoestrogens in the body and they are linked to healthy sex life. Flax is more beneficial for ladies that are suffering from low estrogen levels in their body.

  • Basil:

This popular Italian herb is capable enough to improve blood circulation in the body that further leads to better libido. Note that basil is good for heart health hence it plays an essential role in blood circulation process. Basil is also believed to have a warming impact on the body that stimulates arousal so that ladies can have satisfactory time in bed.

  • Maca:

This is a Peruvian root that is being used from ancient times to increase stamina, strength, fertility, energy, and libido in women and men as well. You can easily find this root at any health store in your city to get started with routine dosage. Prefer to add a small amount of maca to your smoothies and enjoy the delicious taste of it. By night you will also have more pleasure with your partner.

Studies reveal that libido natural lags in the body when a person does not consume appropriate diet, or if the nutrition requirement is not fulfilled. If anyone is suffering from this issue; it is important to take proper steps on time otherwise it can create a big barrier in your relationship at a later stage. Prefer to improve your routine diet by adding some healthy food items from the list above so soon you will be able to have a more pleasurable sex life.

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