Endometrial Cancer Symptoms

Endometrial Cancer Symptoms
Endometrial Cancer is also known as cancer of endometrium. This cancer generally develops along the inner lining of womb or uterus. In medical terms, this lining is known by the name endometrium cancer and it is explained as uncontrolled growth of few cells that often cause damage to the surrounding tissues.

Several females throughout the world are suffering with this disease. So it is quite essential to spread awareness and knowledge about it so that people can opt for proper precautions to stay safe. Medical world have several studies related to this disease but here in this article we are going to discuss about few important details that everyone needs to know for ensuring proper health.

Endometrial cancer, most common type of uterine cancer

Women are backbone of a family and society so they need to be more careful about themselves. Prefer to go through the details below to avail best details about symptoms of endometrial cancer.

Risk factors that leads to symptoms of endometrial cancer

Effectiveness of any disease is noticed from risk factors associated with it so first of all let us talk about major risk factors associated with endometrial cancer.

Note that, the exact reason behind this cancer is still hidden but medical experts link few risk factors to this disease. Studies reveal that most of these risk factors are related to balance between progesterone and estrogens hormones.

The details about common risk factors include:

1. Earlier pelvic radiation therapy: 

Man Receiving Radiation Therapy for Cancer

Man Receiving Radiation Therapy for Cancer

Symptoms of endometrial cancer are often observed to develop after radiation based treatments. Such treatments are often used for treatment of other cancers but they cause harmful damage to DNA cells and this process naturally leads to risks like endometrial cancer.

2. Family History: Illustration of family tree on aged paperIf you belong to a family whose history reveals several cases of colon cancer then you may also get affected with endometrial cancer.

3. Length of Menstruation span: Woman hygiene protection, menstruation calendar and clean cotton tampons. Marked menstruation daysFor the endometrial cancer patients, the menstruation period span matters a lot. Often, for the people who are suffering with cancer or have chances to face it in future it goes longer on both cases when they are just beginning as well as when they are about to end in their life cycle.

4. Late Menopause: Close up of middle aged woman with hand covering eyesWhen menopause occurs at the age of 50 then it often calls risks of cancer. The major reason behind it is that the uterus stays exposed to the estrogens for longer time and it causes troubles like endometrial cancer.

5. Early menstruation: girl became a woman concept - young girl lying with period painWhen girls face monthly periods at early age of their life like before crossing the age of 12 years then there are more risks of facing endometrial cancer as it naturally causes exposure of uterus to estrogens for longer life cycle. This situation leads to endometrial cancer symptoms premenopausal.

6. Age: Middle-aged woman smiling for the camera at her deskLadies are likely to face endometrial cancer at higher age; the risks become more common when they cross the age group of 50 years.

7. Diabetes: Blood glucose monitoring for senior woman with diabetesGenerally, diabetes is linked to weight in medical terms but there are few studies that reveal that people who are suffering with diabetes so long are more at the risk of endometrial cancer.

8. Animal fat containing diet: Hands of a little girl ready to eat a big hamburgerThere are cases that report risks of endometrial cancer for ladies who usually have high fat diet. The reason behind is that the fatty foods are generally rich in calories and such diet leads to obesity, further causing symptoms of recurrent endometrial cancer after hysterectomy.

9. Ovarian Disease: Hemorrhagic cyst on the ovary. Ovary. InfographicLadies that use to have certain kind of ovarian tumours usually possess much higher amount of estrogens and the level of progestins gets decreases in them. When this imbalance of hormones occurs inside body then it often causes troubles like endometrial cancer.

10. Estrogen Replacement therapy: Hormone Replacement TherapySeveral people throughout the world undergo this therapy due to many reasons but studies reveal that this process has direct impact on menopause because it deals with affecting the normal growth of estrogens inside body. Note that, risks of endometrial cancer rises to peak level when person do not use progesterone to balance the changes in endometrium.

11. Use of Tamoxifen: TamoxifenThe studies in medical science reveal that use of tamoxifen is often recommended for breast cancer but it uses to work like an estrogen in uterus and hence face increase in endometrial cancer.

12. Pregnancy related factors: Young woman with pregnancy test in handsLadies who have not gone through the pregnancy phase or are not able to give birth to a child are more on the risk of symptoms associated with endometrial cancer.

13. Obesity: Fat, overweight, dietThere is no doubt to say that obesity causes so many health issues and endometrial cancer is one of them. Generally the fat tissues inside body often lead to conversion of other common body hormones into estrogens and the unwanted increase in estrogen levels often causes troubles like endometrial cancer.

14. Endometrial Hyperplasia: Endometriosis. Endometrial hyperplasia is an overgrowth of tissue in the endometrium uterus. The uterine lining becomes too thick which results in abnormal bleeding. IllustrationThis term represents growth of endometrium. Generally, the common types under this category cannot lead to any type of cancer but ‘atypical’ type brings more risks of symptoms endometrial cancer.

After reading details about all these risk factors, now you must be thinking about what is endometrial cancer symptoms. They are actually wide in number but below you will find the most common ones out of the big list.

What are the symptoms of Endometrial Cancer?

  1. Abnormal Vaginal Pain: Vaginal painMedical experts rate this one of the most common sign behind endometrial cancer. The fact is that, too much vaginal pain that you cannot even explain often happens when person is facing any type of cancer and it is true in almost 99% cases. So note that when you are postmenopasual phase still you feel abnormal pain in vaginal area then it should not be considered normal. For young ladies, bleeding between periods, and long lasting periods can be one common sign of endometrial cancer.
  2. Weird Discharge: Woman with hands holding pressing her crotch lower abdomenThere is no doubt to say that ladies often face discharge from vagina but when it varies much in color then you need to be serious about it. Note that if its color is different than the usual one and you start observing it in between your ministration cycle then you need to move to the doctor. When you have recently faced the menopause cycle and there is an abnormal discharge then you need to talk to professionals on time.
  3. Long and annoying pelvic pain: Woman long hair took the handle, abdomen and back to sit at a table in the workAlthough, it is not compulsory that everyone who is suffering with endometrial cancer will face pelvic pain but yes, many people have this symptom; especially when the cancer is just at its beginning stage. Experts say that cancer causes enlargement of uterus and it often leads to cramping or pain. Many times ladies will feel it just like a mess in the lower portion of abdomen. It will also start creating trouble when you have sex or need to go to the bathroom. So when you face such kind of discomfort so regularly and more often then you have to meet professionals for proper check up. They can recommend you best medicines and preventive tips to stay safe from dangerous effects.
  4. Difference in your normal bathroom routines: Part of woman on toiletAs, such type of cancers often cause pressure on pelvis so you will feel its impact directly on your routine bathroom habits. If you start facing certain kind of uterine problems and notice blood within bowel movements or when it hurts too much while passing stools then you must contact your medical health specialist to avail best treatment service.
  5. Dropping weight without any cause: weight lossThose who are facing undesired fall in their body weight are more likely to face cancer. Your doctors can better help you to deal with this situation.

Different stages representing symptoms of endometrial cancers

As soon as the cancer is diagnosed by the processional then he will make efforts to check stage of cancer. Some of the most commonly recommended tests for finding occurrence of endometrial cancer is CT scan, X ray tomography, blood test and position emission tomography.

Below are few essential details about stages of Endomaterial cancer:

  1. Stage one: In this stage, the cancer can be noticed only in the uterus area.
  2. Stage two: Little higher than stage one where cancer can be observed in uterus and cervix directly.
  3. Stage three: At this stage you will find the cancer symptoms spread beyond the range of uterus. Still, it has not reached at bladder and rectum.
  4. Stage four: When cancer gets spread over pelvic region and also causes damage to rectum, bladder and other essential parts of body then person is believed to face 4th stage of cancer.

What to do after checking endometrial cancer symptoms patient stories?

The term cancer often appears scary to listeners but here is a relief; medical professionals have trustworthy diagnosis process against symptoms of endometrial cancers.

Here are few commonly recommended tests and procedures for treating symptoms of endometrial cancer:

  1. Pelvic Examination: The very first and most essential diagnosis procedure is related to pelvic exam. During this examination, doctors try to inspect the out layer of vulva. The expert may also prefer to insert two fingers into vagina while keeping other hand on abdomen to feel the ovaries and uterus. Some professionals also prefer to insert speculum into vaginal space as this device helps to open vagina appropriately to run deep check on all abnormalities.
  2. Sound wave based technology: The advanced diagnosis processes these days also make use of sound waves for checking symptoms of endometrial cancer. This process is often known as transvaginal ultrasound and it often run a check over texture as well as thickness of endometrium so that all conditions can be observed well. To complete this procedure, a transducer is inserted inside vagina that helps to generate sound waves inside so that a video image can be captured from inner portion of body. It brings details about uterus inside body that helps medical professionals to run deep check on any kind of abnormalities along uterine lining.
  3. Scope for Examination: The process of hysteroscopy is also recommended for endometrial cancer symptoms postmenopausal and during this diagnosis process medical experts use to insert a lighted, flexible and thin tube known as hysteroscope inside uterus to run a test check over cervix and vagina. There is a lens attached to the top portion of this tool that helps doctors to view complete details inside.
  4. Sample tissue removal: Some testing procedures need a sample tissue and the process of taking out this sample tissue may involve endometrial biopsy. In this process, tissue from uterine lining is taken out for laboratory analysis. This process can be completed easily without any anesthesia.
  5. Surgery for removal of affected tissue: In case if the tissue cannot be taken out with biopsy process or the results are not so satisfactory then patient may need to undergo curettage or dilation process. In this diagnosis process, the cancer cells are observed with the help of microscopes.

Major Treatment Options for Endometrial Cancer Symptoms

It is important stay conscious about your health and to do this establish a proper contact with a trustworthy medical processional.

Below are some of the best treatment recommendations:

  • Surgery: Surgery team operating in a surgical roomThis is probably the most commonly implemented technique for treatment of endometrial cancer where professionals simply remove the uterus from body. In some cases, doctors may also need to take out ovaries and fallopian tube. During this surgery, professionals will check all the areas that may get affected with cancer and then the most risky portions are taken out of the body.
  • Radiation: 
    Medical linear accelerator in the therapeutic oncology

    Medical linear accelerator in the therapeutic oncology

    This therapy is all about powerful energy beams as like protons or X-rays. This technology simply helps to kill the cancel cells from body inside. There are two options for radiation therapy, either person can prefer to go for radiation therapy on outer portion of your body at specific points whereas the second option is to run radiation inside body of the sufferer. The list of radiation filled devices used for this treatment includes cylinders, wires and seeds etc.

Other than this you can prefer to implemented few home based therapies that ensure great medical health for longer run.


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