Endogenous Depression

Endogenous Depression

Endogenous Depression, Symptoms And Treatment Options

Depression cannot be defined as a single disorder rather it is just like a primary name for several disorders that has almost similar kind of symptoms. But the causes may differ depends upon individual state of mind and accordingly doctors offer different treatment options.

Here we are going to talk about Endogenous Depression; various causes associated with it, ways to identity the trouble and offered potential treatments in the medical world. Keep reading the details below to collect most essential information.

What is Endogenous Depression?

The person who is suffering with endogenous depression will definitely have a solid reason for that. In most of the cases, depression is encouraged by certain intolerable event or probably when something serious happened to the person at growth stage of life.

However, studies reveal few cases where sufferers are not observed to have any specific cause for the state of depression. In such cases, one may show few symptoms of depression but it does not include any potential cause behind it. Person facing such type of condition is supposed to suffer with endogenous depression in medical terms.

Depression and its consequences, infographics. Causes of depression disease, risks, depression symptoms, treatment.

Here the word endogenous clearly means “Coming from Within” and this type of depression usually occurs due to few undesired biochemical changes inside human body. Professionals are still searching for the potential reasons behind their triggering.

In more general terms, endogenous depression is classified as a mood related disorder that can also be genetic in nature. There are so many cases where people are affected with this disorder right from the birth and they carry lots of stress for their lifetime.

Research shows that such type of disorders often goes untreated in young people as well as in children; most of the time people simply are not able to accept that they are facing some disorder until it starts creating some emotional and physical difficulties in their life. Professionals say that endogenous depression is often characterized as loss of interest in essential activities, bad sleeping postures and decay in concentration levels.

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In earlier times, depression was cured with different practices; although this information may be useful just for researchers but the fact is that in today’s world the treatment and diagnosis options have varied a lot. Currently, depression is classified as endogenous or reactive type.

Note that, the reactive depression is one that is born from certain specific situation or event of person’s life. It may be due to serious illness, bereavement etc. but on the other side endogenous depression term is related to the patients who never show any positive response to the treatment or medications and they don’t even know what is endogenous depression.

Potential Causes

As already discussed, endogenous depression is a special kind of genetic disorders that person may develop by birth or at young age due to few unwanted chemical changes inside brain. Stress along with several traumatic circumstances often lead to situations where patient will not be able to get involved with particular life events.

Here is an important thing to know that person affected with endogenous depression may belong to any age group and in most of the cases people are not able to identify its symptoms for long run and it goes untreated during first stages of development.

Symptoms associated with endogenous depression

As there are no potential causes related to endogenous depression so here we are going to discuss about symptoms that may help you to identify disease on time so that right treatment can be opted.

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Note that, person who is suffering from endogenous depression often displays similar kind of symptoms as that of other depression patients. He or she may usually appear anxious, undergo few changes in sleeping patterns, show fatigue, face changes in normal eating habits and with sudden mood changes, he/she may also start losing self confidence.

Studies reveal that symptoms associated with endogenous depression often vary from mild to severe but it is not necessary that all patients will show similar kind of symptoms. Those who are suffering with mental illness or have some serious health concerns may face symptoms that vary in wide range.

Generally, the symptoms related to endogenous depression are categories into four different sections as given below:

Impact on the Physical Wellbeing of Patient:

  1. One may experience several bodily ache issues.
  2. It causes changes in sleep patterns.
  3. One may face certain difficulty while falling asleep.
  4. Endogenous depression is associated with prolonged fatigue.

Impact on Feelings:

  • Person starts having a feeling of worthlessness.
  • It may show irritability with time.
  • Intolerable mood swings with temper outburst conditions.
  • Great decay in motivation level.
  • Person may feel tired all the time.

Impact on Behaviour:

  • You may find the affected person crying most of the times.
  • He/she will start moving far away from common social situations.
  • Decay in sex drive.
  • In some cases, person may also have least interest in personal grooming.
  • Start facing disinterest in most of the routine activities and even at work.

Impact on Thought processing:

  • Person often have a thought of self destruction and this is dangerous enough.
  • A feeling of self pity.
  • He/she often suffers with guilt.
  • Start developing pessimistic attitude.
  • Not able to take right decisions at right time.
  • Often forgets things in routine.
  • Decay in concentration levels.

Mood swings in a girl

In case if you or anyone in your family is suffering any of these symptoms then it is good to move to endogenous depression mayo clinic as soon as possible. On time treatment may help you to initiate fast recovery.

As, there are so many symptoms associated with endogenous depression so one need to discuss all of them with the doctor so that appropriate diagnosis can be implemented that suits best to individual needs.

Treatment options available for endogenous depression

It is possible to avail assistance from a professional medical expert regarding your mental health. In order to identify symptoms and causes of depression, they will often ask you several questions related to your old medical details.

Teenage Girl Visits Doctor's Office Suffering With Depression

It is essential to let these professionals know about all changes that you suffer in your mental health at different times and also provide details about medications if you are taking any of these for any specific health condition. Also, one needs to let his/her family members know about disease and possible treatments available in the world.

The health care professional will try to know about all potential causes so that he/she can avail right medical health. You also need to let them know whether the symptoms are at starting stage or they have risen after certain traumatic event.

A Psychologist Showing Rorschach Inkblot On Clipboard To Patient

A Psychologist Showing Rorschach Inkblot On Clipboard To Patient

Some medical experts use to take a test of the person so get details about what he/she is facing at current stage and what kind of state of mind these situations have developed for that person. Your answers will help them to come to a good conclusion so that further diagnosis can be carried well.

It is not an easy task to recover a person from endogenous depression condition but there are few special medication options and therapy based treatments that can help you to come out of this trouble.


Medical professionals have several options for depression and anxiety treatment but in case of endogenous depression, the options are limited. In most of the cases, person affected with endogenous depression has to follow prescription of serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

Few other options are norepinephrine, serotonin and reuptake inhibitors. There are few medical experts who may recommend using tricyclic antidepressants but in today’s world, they are rarely used. These medications extend their effectiveness for increasing few specific hormone productions in human brain so that symptoms of depression can be reduced.

Chemical molecular formula hormone norepinephrine. Hormone rage. Lowering and raising norepinephrine. Infographics illustration

Some of the most commonly used medications fall in the category of SSRI and the list include popular names like citalopram, escitalopram, sertraline, fluoxetine and paroxetine etc. Note that, many patients suffer few side effects with these medications where the potential ones include insomnia, nausea and headaches. But, all these troubles will come to normal state after few days.

Another option for treatment of endogenous depression is SNRIs and the list here includes medications like desventafaxine, duloxetine and ventafaxin etc. There are few cases where doctors often prefer to use TCA based treatment methods such as nortriptyline, imipramine and trimipramine etc.

Antidepressant Medications or drugs. Packing box with blister of drug, which is name of Antidepressant Medications lies next to result of Mental status exam, conducted by psychiatrist to patient

But the studies reveal that side effects associated with TCA are more dangerous as compared to all other anti-depressants available in market. In most of the cases, TCA leads to weight gain, dizziness and person may also face drowsiness. In case if you face any of these symptoms while using these medications then it is necessary to move to the doctor and find right solution for that.

Person needs to consume these medications for at least 4 to 6 weeks and expert will keep on noticing any improve on symptoms. In few critical cases, the medication based treatment may be carried up to 12 weeks to avail right improvement.

Desvenlafaxine or O-desmethylvenlafaxine, is an antidepressant of SNRI class.

In case if you are not able to find any benefit of certain recommended medication then it is essential to consult your medical professional on time and get them replaced with a different prescription. Studies reveal that there are very few chances of observing positive changes right after initial doses of medications for endogenous depression patients. In most of the treatment cases one may need to have combinational treatments to have best results.

Even if symptoms for this depression state start improving with few weeks of medication prescription, it is essential to carry the same routines for longer time. One must stop medications only after doctor’s recommendation. Most of the medical experts follow gradual decay in drug doses instead of stopping them altogether.


Another option for treatment of endogenous depression is Psychotherapy that is also known as talk therapy. In this case, patient needs to meet experts in routine basis. This therapy is proven useful enough for treatment of endogenous depression cases. There are two different options under this category too: the first one is well known as Interpersonal Therapy and second option is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Tired troubled woman talkign with her psychologist

Note that, the second one in the list can assist the person affected with endogenous depression to replace most of the negative thoughts with the positive ones. In this case, one needs to practice positive thinking and limit the movement of negative thoughts in mind.

It will slowly start improving person’s ability to respond to positive situations in better manner while discarding the negativities from life. In other case, if you are having some trouble related to relationships then you may need to undergo Interpersonal Therapy. Medical practitioners may also prefer to use combination of both these treatments in few cases.

Changes in Lifestyle

If you need to come out of the unwanted depression state of life then it is essential to male few positive changes in lifestyle. You need to start with a positive shift in the routine activities that can help to improve symptoms of endogenous depression.

Healthy lifestyle infographics

At initial level, your body will not find these activities or changes suitable but with time it will start adapting to differences and then mind as well as body will start recovering with time. You can try these things to gain positive results as soon as possible:

  • Try to improve your diet and shift to a healthy one that includes vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains.
  • Prefer to sleep for at least 6 hours per night.
  • You can try writing new journals or books with your own creative thoughts.
  • Go out with family, friends and relatives to have fun and create happy memories for life.
  • Try to get involved with activities that you often use to love before falling into this depression state.
  • Go for adventure sports activities like biking or hiking etc.

One can soon recover from endogenous depression trouble if right treatment is tuned at right time. It is important to stay in regular contact with your mental health expert and follow his suggestions to get rid of all health troubles in your life. You can contact professionals at endogenous depression mayo clinic to take professional guidance.

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