Dry skin on penis

Dry skin on penis

Not all men walk out with the problem of dry penis but many do! If you are one of them and experiencing chronic dryness, peeling and flaking of the skin around penis then this post is for you! It may not sound like a serious issue but requires genuine consultation from an expert doctor.

If this dry skin is freaking your out and making you anxious and obviously creating a discomfort down there then read on to find the causes, symptoms and treatment of dry skin. Your concern is genuine and should not be overlooked as skin around penis can be classified as the most sensitive skin in the entire body. So you don’t have to just sit and wait for it to heal all by itself, consult a physician to find remedies.

Dry skin on penis: Skin anatomy diagram

Skin anatomy diagram – comparation good skin and dry. Illustration of skin cross section showing good skin and dry skin.


Penis dry skin can happen to men at any age. It is very common problem among men and you will discover it yourself after reading the causes. The significant part is getting the right and formal diagnosis well in time. This is because dry skin allows bacteria to penetrate in the skin which invites infection! The symptoms of dry skin around penis are more than just dryness.

  1. Itching, cracking, flaking or roughened appearance
  2. Penis become painful to touch and can also feel hot and burning at times
  3. Blisters, sores, coloured discharge and unpleasant odour
  4. Redness or rashes
  5. Loss of sensation over time
  6. Pain while urination
  7. Darkening or discolouration of penis

Causes & Treatment

The causes of dry skin can be many but treatments are more than them! This is because not every one of us has a similar skin type and what might seem to be a remedy for one can actually not heal the other to the same extent.

So it is crucial and significant to consult your dermatologist and there is nothing to shy! People around you face the similar kind of problems, we should be concerned as to how can we get a solution to them at the earliest because the consequences can be harsh if it is left untreated!

  1. Harsh cleansers:
    Harsh cleansers cause dry skin on penis
    If you are using very harsh soaps and cleansers then this can be one of the causes of dry skin on penis. Exposure to irritant lubricants can result in allergic reaction and makes the skin dry, itchy and crackle. Also, if your inner clothes are not loose then it leads to constant rubbing with skin. Hence you should use a mild soap while cleaning penis and wear loose fabrics to prevent friction.Applying coconut oil over the area also helps in keeping the penis moisturised which can decrease itching and creation of peeling flakes. Also, use fabric softener for all your inner clothes. Doctors also prescribe anti histaminic drug for allergy and some ointments to heal it but it is better to have a direct consultation.
  2. Lack of lubrication:
    Lack of lubrication causes dry skin on penis
    If you are involving yourself in prolonged sexual activity and not using lubrication while masturbating then it creates heat and friction which strip away the natural lubricating oils of the body and leave the skin as dry and parched. The skin shrinks and becomes extremely weak and susceptible to surface-level damage. Due to this, you would see microscopic tears in the outer layers of the skin even when you perform daily activities.Skin becomes sore and tender and is unable to bear any pressure which makes it weep. In such cases, you should consume plenty of water as your skin is losing it out and adding to the dryness, stop from masturbating and any sexual activity and keep the penis skin moisturized. Doctors recommend some sorts of moisturizers containing Vitamin E and soothing butters which can heal the dryness. So apply them as per the prescription and see the status.

  3. Allergic reactions to chemicals:
    Allergic reactions to chemicals cause dry skin on penis
    If you are using mild and skin friendly soaps but some sorts of latex, spermicides, deodorants and fragrances which contains chemicals and extracts of plants to which skin can be allergic then it is advisable to say no to them immediately. You should avoid using any sort of chemicals for sensitive skin areas especially your genitals. Also, if you are using condoms then search for the ones which are free from latex and are not treated with spermicide.Polyurethane and silicon are other two variants available in condoms but use them after discussing with your physician. Also, never try to use the same moisturizer which you use for your face and body on your penis. There are soft and very mild lubricants available in the market which your doctor can prescribe and you should use them only as the other ones can trigger allergic reactions.
  4. Psoriasis:
    Psoriasis causes dry skin on penis
    This disease affects the skin and can happen anywhere in the body. It may happen on one part and spread to another. There can be plenty of causes for psoriasis and if it extends to penis then it leads to dry and peeling skin. If this is happening in your case too then you should see your dermatologist immediately.This is because it becomes a cause of concern when it spreads to your genital areas. Stress is one of the causes for psoriasis and you should try and meditate to control on it. Doctors might prescribe ointments, penis-specific nutrient crème retinol, containing Vitamin A along with moisturizers to treat break outs caused by this.
  5. Yeast Infections:
    Yeast Infection causes dry skin on penis

    Tongue with candidiasis

    Men can also be affected by yeast infections if they have depressed immune systems or are exposed to certain medications. Yeast infections can cause dryness and peeling of skin along with painful cuts and fissures in the surface of penis skin. Yeast infections are contagious and you should cease any sexual activity if you are hit by this. Keep the area dry and clean and consult your doctor for the antifungal medication.

We understand that dry penis is uncomfortable, embarrassing and painful too during and after intercourse and hence you should consult your doctor well in time for a formal treatment to save yourself from all such worries!

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