Bleeding From Ear: Everything That You Need to Know

Bleeding From Ear

You might have observed a brown colored wax inside ear while using the cotton ear swab but when people find blood inside then it becomes this matter of worry. Although, it does not depict a serious condition always but yes, you need to consult doctors about this matter.

Studies reveal that few drops of blood from year might be a common thing but when it becomes uncontrollable then one may face serious medical conditions including dizziness, hearing loss or severe pain.

Every person needs to collect certain basic details about ear anatomy so that seriousness of issue can be well predicted at right time. There are three major sections of human ear: the inner ear, the middle portion, and outer ear.

bearded man having ear bleeding

Note that the ear canal from out portion is responsible for transmitting sound waves up to the eardrum inside. There are three major mechanical forces that are transmitted to three tiny bones inside presence in the middle ear. Then these forces get transferred to the oval window that is part of the inner ear. Later these waves are converted into essential nerve signals that are processed by the brain.

Note that Otorrhea is a common medical condition that describes ear discharge. It is often observed to be a discolored fluid, may be pus, wax o sometimes blood. However, bleeding from the ear is generally a sign of ruptured blood vessel but it is not always sure that the visible site of blood flow is the real source. Even when you see blood coming out of ear hole then also it may be actually originated from inner structures of the ear.

What are the major Causes of Bleeding from Ear?

There are so many reasons behind gross bleeding originated from blood strained wax or fluid. It may happen due to so many uncommon medical conditions and it often demands immediate attention from professionals.

Read below to find reasons about what causes bleeding from the ear:

1. Ruptured Eardrum

Ruptured Eardrum

One of the most common reasons behind bleeding from the ear is tearing in the eardrum. It can happen due to infections, loud sounds, harm caused by any foreign body on the eardrum and few sudden changes of air pressure that may be caused by open hand slap. Note that, few minor perforations often go unnoticed and the get healed automatically with time.

2. Malignant Otitis Media

Malignant Otitis Media

This term defines the infection in the out ear that is also named as swimmer’s ear. It rarely leads to the bleeding from ear but the critical form of this infection may extend to skull bones that are known as malignant otitis external. With time, the affected area becomes prone to irritation and may also cause bleeding.

3. Fracture in Skull Area

X-ray, skull, Fracture mandible

X-ray, skull, Fracture mandible

If you face a fracture to the skull then it may also lead to ear bleeding. In most of the cases, it caused CFS leak out from otorrhea as well as nose. It may also cause blood flow out of ear when a blood vessel gets ruptured inside. Such rare situations lead to bleeding from the ear after head trauma.

4. Viral Hemorrhagic Fever

Viral Hemorrhagic Fever

From last few years, several cases of viral hemorrhagic fever came into light and this disease often leads to blood vessel breakdown causing severe bleeding from anus, ears, nose or mouth. Although, this virus is not always deadly but few conditions can go too serious to handle so it is good to consult doctors at right time.

5. Otic Polyp

An intermediate magnification of a H&E stained biopsy from an otic polyp

An intermediate magnification of a H&E stained biopsy from an otic polyp

You might be aware of the term aural or otic polyp that is well known as a benign growth that is observed on eardrum or external ear canal. This problem is caused by few chronic infections and it is not considered as a common symptom.

6. The harm caused by Foreign Body

The harm caused by Foreign Body

The foreign body is actually determined as an unwanted object that is not actually the part of the ear. In most of the cases, these objects use to match sticks, cotton swab, pencils or pen etc. Professionals reveal that these foreign bodies can cause blood flow only if they perforate the eardrum or break the ear canal. Kids may also face this trouble when they place beads, food particles or small toys in their ears.

7. Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation

Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation

Doctors call it a serious medical condition that causes blood clotting and may also cause abnormal bleeding from the ear. The wide spread inflammation can also lead to DIC and it may be due to cancer or certain severe infections. The affected person needs immediate medical help.

What are the common symptoms of Bleeding from Ear?

A sudden odd drop of blood may not always be a matter to worry because it may be caused by little injury to ear canal caused by finger, cotton swab or match stick. However, if you observe following symptoms with ear bleeding then it is essential to move to the medical experts fast.

  1. A person may face ear pain or a headache.
  2. It may lead to loss of hearing.
  3. Some people also report fainting spells.
  4. One may face dizziness.
  5. Patients also report ringing sensation in the ear.
  6. May cause foul smelling discharge.
  7. Ear Bleeding may also show some mental symptoms such as drowsiness or confusion etc.
  8. A person may face difficulty in sleeping.
  9. Patients also report blurred vision along with numbness and facial pain when ear bleeding is caused by cancer.

When you observed ear bleeding then it is necessary to contact your medical professionals to check for the possible causes behind it. They may help you to know about related causes and you may become safe about hidden dangers at right time.

Calling a doctor becomes essential when a person faces uncontrollable bleeding from the ear or gets affected by certain head trauma. Although, the condition may not be so serious at initial level but if it is ignored so long then it may cause more complications at a later stage.

What are the major complications associated with Bleeding from Ear?

Generally, bleeding from ear does not cause any serious issue but long term bleeding may demand proper treatment.

Some of the most common complications associated with ear bleeding include:

  1. Balancing issues.
  2. Frequent vertigo.
  3. Frequent headaches.
  4. Permanent cognitive difficulties.
  5. Continuous ringing sensation in the ear.
  6. Hearing loss.
  7. Alteration of language perception.

What are the most common treatments for Bleeding from Ear?

As soon as your doctor identifies the real cause behind ear bleeding, they will suggest appropriate treatment to you. The medical treatments can address all server issues and will help to stop bleeding soon. Some of the most commonly followed treatments include:

  1. Doses of Antibioticsiferent Tablets mix heap drugs pills capsulesAntibiotics are capable enough to clear and treat ear infections but the trouble is that antibiotics are not able to heal all types of ear infections. Most commonly the viral infections do not respond well to antibiotic doses.
  2. Careful ObservationsObservant careful doctor looking at mans skinIt is observed that most of the ear bleeding issues get healed automatically with time so medical professionals just prefer to do some careful observations for some time. Such types of treatments are commonly followed for observable head trauma and ruptured eardrum issues. Doctors may prefer to track the bleeding issue as per the changes happening with time.
  3. Pre-treatment MedicationsWoman takes medicines with glass of waterIn few cases, medical professionals may recommend few pain relief medications to treat the irritating pain or discomfort faced by the patient. This treatment is commonly followed for the cases when a person faces bleeding from ear after head injury, pressure issues, sudden damage or ear or several ear infections.
  4. Warm CompressesYoung caring woman holding a cold compress on the forehead of her sick partnerYou can simply follow the warm compresses to treat the pain. Take a soft cloth and wet it in the hot water; no place this cloth near the sore ear and compress it gently to ease the discomfort and pain.
  5. Vinegarwhite vinegarIf we talk about home based remedies then vinegar is one of the most powerful solutions for ear bleeding treatment. White vinegar use to have anti-bacterial properties and when this solution is mixed with a little amount of alcohol then it may lead to treatment of infections as well it controls fluid development in the ear.
  6. Breast MilkManual breast pump, mothers breast milk is the most healthy food for newborn babyYou might be aware of the incredible natural properties of breast milk that can easily treat inflammations as well as infections present inside the ear.
  7. BasilBasil leavesThis nature inspired anti-biotic product can also treat the infections inside the human ear and it also helps to stay safe from severe pain. You can find this ingredient with ease and it always leads to incredible results.
  8. Protection of earyoung man inserting an orange earplug in his earDuring treatment, it is essential to follow doctor’s advice to wear ear covers so that debris and water cannot enter inside the ear to cause severe infections.

As ear bleeding symptoms may range between basic to severe ones depending upon the real cause behind the disease so it is always important to consult your doctor first. These experts will help you to follow best possible treatment to avoid the difficult conditions. Prevention is always better than cure and people are always advised to take safe steps for medical health conditions.


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