Aseptic Meningitis: Everything that You Need to Know

Aseptic Meningitis

Meningitis, 3D illustration showing swelling of meninges and presence of purulent exudate under meninges

What is aseptic meningitis?

Meningitis is a well known medical condition that develops an unwanted tissue extending coverage to spiral cord and brain and they soon get inflamed. Such type of inflammation can also be caused by bacterial infections but at that time it is known as bacterial meningitis however the one without bacteria is called as Aseptic Meningitis. When such conditions are caused by virus attacks then they are well known as virus meningitis.

meningitis: inflammation (bacteria, viruses, fungi) of the meninges. Mainly by Neisseria meningitidis (meningococcus)

As compared to all these types of meningitis, the aseptic meningitis is more popular one but medical experts say that its symptoms use to be less severe as compared to other two. Generally, the wide set of symptoms associated with it can be recovered only within two weeks and severe complications are very rare.

What are the potential causes of Aseptic Meningitis?

Generally, almost half of the aseptic meningitis cases occur due to seasonal virus attacks in early fall or during late summer season. There are several types of viruses can lead to serious diseases along with aseptic meningitis; the list includes:

Note that, these viruses can attack human body even when it is not in direct contact with the fecal matter, saliva or cough of infected person. These viruses can also spread with mosquito bite. In few rare conditions;

there are few other cases that may also cause aseptic meningitis; as like:

  • Inflammatory disease
  • Drug allergies
  • Lyme disease
  • Syphilis
  • Fungal Infection
  • Some types of medications
  • Cancer
  • Tuberculosis
  • Mycobacteria

Depending upon the reasons behind occurrence of disease, it can affect person for longer duration with aseptic meningitis causes.

Who are major targets of Aseptic Meningitis?

Anyone can be affected with this disease but it is more common in kids that are below 5 age groups. Although, several medications and vaccinations have been developed in advance to protect kids from bacterial meningitis but they are not so effective in case of aseptic meningitis that is often developed due to organisms and viruses.

Pediatrician makes vaccination to small boy

Kids who visit school or go for day care are more likely to get affected with virus attacks and it can also affect adults that work in common theses facilities. In case if person is already suffering with some immunity related issue like diabetes or AIDS then he has more chances of getting affected with aseptic meningitis. Aseptic meningitis adult also demands immediate attention from medical professionals.

What are the potential symptoms of Aseptic Meningitis?

The aseptic meningitis symptoms use to vary as per type of virus attack or specific type if medical condition that is cause behind it. There are few cases where symptoms cannot be observed until original issues come into action.

However, the general list of symptoms of aseptic meningitis for adults and children include:

  1. Fatigue
  2. Vomiting
  3. Loss of appetite
  4. Photo phobia or well known as light sensitivity issue.
  5. Body aches
  6. Painful headache
  7. Stomach-ache
  8. Chills
  9. It may also cause fever

The list of commonly observed symptoms of aseptic meningitis syndrome in toddlers and infants include:

  • Sleepiness or some kind of trouble for waking up
  • Degraded eating routines
  • Frequent crying and more irritability
  • Fever

Medical professionals believe that aseptic meningitis is a common issue and it can be easily recovered with the help of dedicated treatment and medications. As, most of the symptoms associated with this disease are same as flu or cold so people often do not recognise that they are suffering with aseptic meningitis. This ignorance can lead to several difficult conditions and life threatening symptoms.

Meningitis infographic. Meningitis signs and symptoms

Note that, as soon as you observe that your child is facing symptoms of aseptic meningitis, it is good to consult medical professionals to continue desired treatment. Even for medical professionals it is quite difficult to recognise stage of meningitis without taking a physical exam. So it is good to meet doctors soon. As, this disease can also lead to some serious complications with time so on time medical system monitoring is essential.

It is essential to visit doctor in case if you find any of these ivig aseptic meningitis symptoms in your or your child’s body:

  • Seizures
  • Mental confusion
  • Persistent headache.
  • Painful neck or stiffness.

Is aseptic meningitis contagious?

The term contagiousness of any disease is related to specific agent that acts actively behind the occurrence of disease. As there are so many types of meningitis so there contagiousness also varies from one to another.

Neisseria meningitidis or meningococcus is a bacterium that can cause meningitis and other forms of meningococcal disease. 3D illustration

Neisseria meningitidis or meningococcus is a bacterium that can cause meningitis and other forms of meningococcal disease. 3D illustration

In most general case the viral meningitis is observed to be contagious in nature but few viruses also find way to a healthy person due to mosquito attack instead of direct contact with affected person so they may be called non contagious. The bacterial meningitis is contagious in most of the cases and it has higher range for adults. The fungal and parasitic meningitis is not rated as contagious. Further, non – infectious or aseptic meningitis also comes in the category of non contagious diseases.

Incubation period of Meningitis

As bacterial meningitis is considered as one of the most serious type of meningitis its incubation period is almost 3 to 5 days right after the initial contact to microbe. In general cases, the bacterial meningitis symptoms are observed to occur as fast as within 24 hours. If we talk about viral meningitis then its incubation period can often vary from few days to several weeks.

Some of the most common symptoms observed during this period are stiff neck, fever and headache etc. It may also cause disturbance in mental state, photophobia, vomiting and nausea. When kids get affected with meningitis then they often feel drowsy, lethargic, and may develop rashes along with irritability.

How to diagnose Aseptic Meningitis?

If doctors observe that person is suffering with meningitis then they will ask for few tests to verify if it is bacterial meningitis or meningitis aseptic. In some of the most common cases, doctors perform spinal tap or lumbar puncture.  The spinal tap procedures use to extract cerebrospinal fluid and it is one of the most popular ways to diagnose meningitis.

Meningitis web infographic. Meningitis symptoms

Note that, this spinal fluid is produced by brain and it helps to protect spinal cord and brain with additional covering over it. When a person is suffering with meningitis, he/she will be observed to have higher amount of white blood cells and protein in this spinal fluid. With the help of this fluid based test, medical professionals can verify whether patient is suffering with viruses, bacteria or other infection agents that leads to meningitis.

In some cases, doctors may also ask for few additional tests that can provide details about viruses associated with aseptic meningitis. Some of the most commonly carried tests include CT scans, X-rays, Imaging tests and blood tests.

How to treat Aseptic Meningitis?

There are so many options for treatment for aseptic meningitis and professionals recommend them as per the causes behind disease. In few cases, patients also get recovered from all symptoms within two weeks even without taking any specific treatment.

Anti-Inflammatory Tablet

The most common instructions for aseptic meningitis treatment include consumption of more water, take rest and take specific medications to get relief from symptoms. In case of fever and pain, patient may be prescribed with anti-inflammatory and analgesics but for more specific types if virus attacks like herpes etc. one may have to follow other medications.

How to prevent occurrence of Aseptic Meningitis?

The most essential thing that you need to do is get your child vaccinated on time so that he can stay safe from potential causes aseptic meningitis child like mumps and chickenpox etc. Doctors also suggest living in hygienic conditions; prefer to wash hands right before taking your meal as well as after using restroom.

Doctor pediatrician injecting vaccine to cute african girl

Develop such good habits in your kids too. Never forget to cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. It is also not good to share food and drinks with others in groups. When you have healthy diet in routine, manage time for proper rest and avoid contact with people suffering with flue of cold then it becomes much easier to prevent aseptic meningitis.

Here are few common precautions that must be followed for prevention of aseptic viral meningitis:

  1. Prefer to wash your hands more often with soap and warm water. It is good to take at least 20 seconds to wash them carefully and add special care to clean area below fingernails. Rinse them properly and then dry.
  2. Never ever eat anything without washing your hands.
  3. Always wash your hands after using toilets.
  4. Mothers need to wash their hands properly after changing diaper of kids as well as after treating ill people in house.
  5. It is not good to share your eating plates, straws and utensils.
  6. Prefer to cover your nose as well as mouth when you sneeze or cough.
  7. It is essential to stay up to date about booster shots and immunization for meningitis.
  8. You must consult your doctors time to time and if you are a frequent traveller then stay aware about information related to viruses spread in different countries.
  9. Get vaccinated on time.

Medical professionals these days are more concerned about instant treatments for viral diseases due to ivig side effects aseptic meningitis. Although, it is advised to get kids vaccinated on time so that they can stay safe from such diseases but the adults also need to consult doctors for complete protection.

Preventions are always preferred for good health and at the same time people are advised to maintain hygiene in their living spaces. Always prefer to take healthy diet and follow exercise routines to keep your body energetic all the time. Prefer to make efforts to improve abilities of immune system so that it can keep your body tuned to health and wellness.

Hygiene. Cleaning Hands. Washing hands.

Whenever any symptom related to aseptic meningitis is observed then prefer to consult your medical health professional as soon as possible. There are few home based remedies that are also observed to be effective enough for getting relief for aseptic meningitis in children symptoms.

Knowledge is best asset in this world and every person must stay aware about seasonal diseases as well as ways to run preventive actions. Although, aseptic meningitis is not considered as a severe disease in most common cases but when it is ignored so long then it may often lead to more trouble.

Surprising Home Based Remedies for Aseptic Meningitis

Go through the details below to get relief from aseptic meningitis using home based remedies:

Garlic: GarlicGarlic is one of the most commonly used ingredients in every kitchen and it is easy to access solution to initiate fight against several diseases. This inexpensive and most effective super food possesses magical properties due to the active ingredient named as allicin. This component along with several useful organic compounds makes garlic one of the most powerful antioxidants with antibacterial and antiviral properties. People that are suffering with meningitis will find garlic as best solution to initiate preventive action.

Olive Leaf Extract: Extra virgin olive oil with fresh green olivesIf we move towards a deep herbal approach for treatment of meningitis, then olive leaf extracts can appear best solution for you. This naturally occurring element has incredible antioxidant and antiviral properties along with sustainable anti-inflammatory abilities. Thus, in order to get rid of meningitis symptoms, one can consume these leafs in several different forms. It can easily provide relief for discomfort, pain and lower fever caused by aseptic meningitis.

Chlorella: Young barley and chlorella spirulinaHere is one more popular remedy for aseptic meningitis; this is a tiny plant that has chlorophyll as its active ingredient and it can initiate great impact on treatment of meningitis. However, chlorella is commonly used for energy production and plants but this plant extract is capable enough to develop its own haemoglobin so it can easily boost production of red blood cells. This process improves oxygenation process, helps to purify blood stream inside and can easily speed up memory of person. Chlorella is commonly used for treatment of meningitis.

Bed Rest: Side view of beautiful young Afro American woman smiling while sleeping in her bed at homeThis is one of the most common suggestions from medical experts for treatment of meningitis still people often keeps on ignoring it so long. As, this disease often occurs due to decay in abilities of immune system so it may further lead to several virus attacks that lead to highly complicated situations. Thus a patient must prefer to take more bed rest; try to stock up few movies and books and stay in bed as long as you can so that body can find ways to start natural healing process. Note that patient must avoid exposure to germ heavy environments and temperature changes so that recovery process can be speeded up.

Cold Packs: ice packThe fever related to aseptic meningitis often goes too high and recovery becomes quite difficult. It is already difficult for human body to initiate fight against infections and further fever starts making things more complicated. In such cases, ice packs can help to keep fever down so that your immune system can avail a chance to act against infection and inflammation related issues.

Neutral Bath: Luxury bath tub and faucet with waterDuring meningitis disease, patient’s body often faces several temperature variations. It is more common when blood stream is trying to make movements from brain to body parts and spinal cord for treating the inflammation issues. The neutral temperature bath can help in such conditions as it eases blood flow throughout body and help the whole system to act more tentatively. This process naturally assists for relief to the discomfort caused by inflammation.

Ginseng: Ginseng teaThis is one of the commonly recommended solutions for treatment of aseptic meningitis. The active ingredients of ginseng work effectively for treatment of membranes and it further helps to eliminate infections while speeding up memory. It can be consumed directly or can be boiled with tea to avail impressive benefits from this ancient Chinese treatment solution.

Reishi Mushrooms: Reishi Mushrooms (Ganoderma lucidum)You might be aware of the fact that this powerful fungi provides major relief to all parts of body from symptoms of meningitis. It also assists in boosting abilities of immune system so that inflammation can be treated with ease.

Astragalus: Astragalus root slicesYou may find its name quite complicated but its classic effects on body can be easily observed. This home based remedy can soon improve functionality of immune system while clearing up the symptoms associated with meningitis. One can prefer to infuse this substance into tea and can take it almost four times in a day.

Uncaria Guianensis: Heap of cat's claw plant powder (Uncaria tomentosa)It is also known as Cat’s claw that is actually a kind of woody wine often available in South and Central America. This home based remedy is popular enough for its anti-inflammatory properties. Several medical professionals believe that this herb can easily improve ability of human immune system.

All these home based remedies are well tested and they are proven to be effective enough for treatment of aseptic meningitis. The best part is that they never leave any side effect so can be used without any worry. Most of these treatments help to boost the ability of immune systems so they are best choice for complete health development.

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