Prostate Function

Prostate Function

Prostate organ gland including the bladder and seminal vesicle

Human body has several essential elements inside and they assist to maintain life cycle. One of the most important elements in this list is prostate gland. In few cases, people take dangerous decisions about their prostate without thinking about its real value.

Prostate gland. Male reproductive and urinary systems. Anatomy. 3d illustration

Prostate gland. Male reproductive and urinary systems. Anatomy. 3d illustration

The fact is that most of people are still not aware about what is the function of the prostate gland in their body. If you are also making such a big mistake then it is advised to go through the details below first. The article below will introduce you with 10 crucial functions of your prostate gland.

As soon as you grab knowledge about this essential part of your body, it will start becoming much clear that how you should care about it. You will be glad to know that there are so many natural methods that can help you to keep your prostate healthy for longer run.

The prostate gland showing its position relative to the bladder and urethra and the zones of the prostate in cross section

There is no doubt to say that complexity for prostate gland in males is hardly understood by people but the only thing they learn from others is that it can cause life threatening issues at later stage. It is high time to understand prostate gland function as it has to play vital role in men’s health but all that it demands is care so that it can always function properly.

Top 10 essential functions of Prostate Gland

1. Gland

Most of you will be surprised to know that about one third portion of semen actually gets released from prostate gland. Thus we can say that one of the most important task of prostate gland in male body is to produce some alkaline like fluid at the time of ejaculation. Note that, as this fluid use to be alkaline in nature so it helps to create an acidic vaginal environment where sperm can survive. The fact is that, one crucial function of prostate is to release something that is well known as gland.

2. Mix Master

Prostate gland performs a function of mixing. Seminal vesicles in human body use to transport sperms that are developed in testicles. When it reaches near prostate, then this major part of body helps to blend these fluids with its own fluids. At the time of ejaculation, a combination of such fluids transfers to urethra via prostate.

Very few of you might be aware about the fact that PSA is also produced inside prostate gland. Most of people know the term PSA or Prostate Specific Antigen just because of the controversial theory of PSA blood testing. Actually, lots of debates are carried on regarding this test as well as the results uses to vary due to several other factors associated to it.

Now the thing that you must understand at this moment is why prostate gland produces PSA and what this substance has to do in human body. The very first fact to understand here is that PSA helps the sperm to swim inside uterus while maintaining liquid form of semen.
Prostate Function: Mix Master
Secondly, the PSA performs a preventive action against one enzyme that usually comes out from seminal vesicles with semen. This enzyme actually helps to glue semen with cervix of a woman within her vagina, note that it is placed at a very strategic location that is very next to the uterus entrance point. After this, PSA starts dissolving the glue with that enzyme that ultimately leads to release of sperm so that it can move ahead to uterus and can effectively impregnate an egg present inside.

3. Muscle

You must be searching about what is the function of the prostate that makes it to be known as a muscle. Prostate also helps to pump semen via penis that is why in medical science prostate is well known as an essential muscle of male’s body. Prostate uses to apply much force to perform this task so that semen can enter inside vagina; the fact is that sperm needs to move on higher speed so that it can easily reach to the cervix hence force of prostate gland is really essential.

Prostate - normal

Prostate – normal

4. AH!

Probably, you are aware about that sound. It is the sound that person naturally produces when it feels really good. The added benefit of prostate pumping action is that it provides a great feeling inside. Function of prostate gland is to improve the desire to have sex as well as it handles the multiplication of species.
Couple ready for sex

5. Male G-Spot

So that’s a strange fact for most of you! But it’s true that men also have a G spot and they should not neglect it. The prostate gland in males work like their G-spot and it is possible to improve your sexual response with prostate stimulation. This is one of the most interesting functions of male prostate gland.

Those who are more receptive to such type of sexual techniques will observe that their sexual experience use to be long lasting and more intense. If you know about to stimulate your G-spot then it is possible to gain higher control on ejaculation process.
The fact is that ability of a person is not limited to extension of orgasms rather it is also possible to have injaculations where you will nit expel any semen. In few advanced sexual practices, this action is performed to limit the sexual energy within.

6. Filter

One more important function of the prostate gland is filtration. Prostate helps to remove and filter all toxins so that sperm can stay in protected state. With this protection, it becomes much easier to achieve higher sperm quality so that chances of impregnation can be increased.
Male reproduction system. 3d illustration
No doubt, this is one of the most crucial functions performed by prostate gland. It naturally helps to improve overall health of the person as well as prostate. As already discussed that prostate takes away all toxins so it naturally helps to keep person safe from life threatening diseases like cancer and other prostate issues. Note that the most effective way to keep your prostate and sexual life healthy is to consume lesser toxins.

7. Erections

Your body use to have prostate erection nerves that actually produce erections with a trigger to the penis so that it can become harden with little swelling while maintaining the blood flow to desired level. These nerves are usually attached to sides of prostate.

In case if somehow these nerves get damaged during any medical surgery then the biggest harm is observed in terms of impotence. Thus it is always advised to treat your prostate well and reduce consumption of toxins.
Erection of male sex organ penis

8. Secretions:

One more essential function of the prostate gland is to extend protection towards urethra so that it can stay safe from various infections associated with urinary tract. These cases are rarely found in male body as compared to females so we can say that secretions from male prostate performs excellent job for its protection.
Prostate Function: Secretions

9. Valves

The essential function of a prostate is to control the urine flow. There is a specific portion of urethra that runs from prostate gland and it is well known as prostatic urethra. Total dimension of this part uses to be 3cm. Prostate helps to surround urethra exactly below the bladder so that urine flow can be controlled easily. It is again prostate that helps to protect damage of ejaculate from urine flow at the time or orgasm.

There are two small muscles in prostate that are well known as Sphincters and they work like gatekeepers having automated shut off valves. It further extends control for regulation of dual purpose urethra tube. These gatekeepers are actually responsible to manage the flow of right fluids at right time by differentiating between ejaculation and urine.

In case if sphincter gets damaged then semen can move back to the bladder. This process disturbs the normal urination and causes a retrograde type ejaculation. In few severe conditions, person may also need to undergo prostate surgery.

10. Hormones

Last but not the least Prostate gland helps to produce essential hormones for human body. One of the most important enzymes produced by prostate gland is well known as 5-alpha-reductase. This enzyme actually helps to concert testosterone into DHT that is almost 10 times more powerful as compared to testosterone.

DHT is well known as a potent hormone and it serves several applications inside male body. The most important task is to control the sexual drive. As prostate performs the action of toxin filtration so it is common to have trouble like building up toxin level in prostate. If it stays like this for longer duration then it may start affecting production of required enzymes. Ultimately it causes decay in sexual drive. DHT helps to keep you safe from all these troubles.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT, androstanolone, stanolone) hormone molecule.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT, androstanolone, stanolone) hormone molecule.

Many people follow the common misunderstanding that testosterone and DHT leads to various problems in prostate but in reality it happens due to excessive rise of make estrogen levels.

Every person needs to understand that it is not good to go for prostate surgery because it can lead to great harm in normal processing of your body. Simply add some care to protect your prostate and it will help you to enjoy a healthy life with greater sexual satisfaction.

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