Early Symptoms of HIV

HIV is a dangerous virus that has a major impact on the immune system, especially on CD4 cells. Note that these cells are responsible for the protection of the body from severe illnesses. Most viruses can be easily eliminated by the immune system, but the terrible fact about HIV is that … [Read more…]

5 STDs That Require Yearly Testing

Unlike many common infections that can be diagnosed by a doctor, most sexually transmitted diseases require thorough tests to be done to identify the problem and take measures. Whenever you have any symptoms, associates with STDs, such as abnormal discharge from vagina or penis, rash or sores in genital … [Read more…]

Top 5 Most Dangerous STDs

Contracting a sexually transmitted disease is not a nice experience in any way. It can be tricky morally if you need to report it to your partner, it can be demanding financially when it comes to treatment. But most importantly, it can lead to serious health issues and in … [Read more…]

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