Do Women Have A Prostate?

Do Women Have A Prostate?
The fact is that prostate is not so common in every woman. Studies reveal that the gland that use to surround urthera use to be present in almost 14 to 25 women. There are so many interesting and useful details to know about female prostate issues. Go through the article below to collect complete information about your health related to prostate.

Is it common to have Prostate in Women?

You might have heard few people talking about female prostate issues. But the real fact is that female body does not include prostate gland. The glands that women often talk about are actually small glands that can be observed at front portion of vagina whereas corresponding ducts to these glands are well recognised as Skene’s Glands/Ducts.

Illustration showing the male reproductive system

The researchers have defined few specific terminologies related to this condition. It is observed that Phosphatase and Prostate Specific Antigen use to stay present in both Skene’s glands as well as in male prostate.

But the fact is that it is still not clear during researches that whether female prostate glands turns into small ducts on every side of urethra or it is urethra itself. You must be aware about function of urethra, it use to carry urine out of body so it is definitely a functional part for genital of females and for the urinary system.

Female urinary system

Female urinary system

Here is an important thing to know for all worried people that as prostate gland in females share same functionality as that of male prostate gland so we cannot say that it will always lead to a prostate cancer.

Facts you should know about Female Prostate or SKene’s Glands

Skene’s Gland is also well known as periurethral, lesser vestibular, or paraurethral gland. One more popular name for this term is female prostate that is generally located either on the upper most wall of vagina or may be found at lower end of urethra. Note that, these glands are developed with same cells that are present in male prostate and they are believed to eject some fluid during female ejaculation process.

These glands are observed to drain inside the urethra as well as the area close to urethral openings. They are actually surrounded by a special type of tissue that is observed to be a part of clitoris that uses to extend up to vagina. Whenever females have sexual intercourse then this area faces some swelling and releases some orgasm that is commonly known by the name of G-Spot.

From last several years, professionals are indulged in a tough debate about the ejaculation process in females; where it is still a big question that whether it actually exists or not. As per the popular studies carried in year 2002 by Emanuele Jannini, it was proven that there are several women that don’t even have skene’s glands.

It directly leads to an complicated situation where as per earlier studies if Skene’s glands are one of the major cause behind ejaculation and also leads to g-spot organisms then if few women don’t even have this part in their body then how the differences will be covered.

Diagram showing female reproductive system

Note that, Skene’s glands produce similar kind of fluid as that of prostate fluid and it accompanies enzymes and proteins. The male prostate gland and Skene’s glands, both are believed to function in similar manner. Note that, female prostate actually exists still several diagrams in educational books does not include this part in anatomy.

Symptoms Related to Troubles Associated with Female Prostate

As prostate cancers in women are rare so you will not be able to find many case studies about this disease. Thus for most of people, it is quite difficult to recognise the symptoms associated with prostate cancer.

Note that, in case if you face any bleeding during urination then it is advised to consult your medical professional as soon as possible. The reason behind is that this is the common symptom for prostate cancer in women. Most of the times, females do not feel pain during this bleeding but it may happen again and again for longer time span.

Do Women Have A Prostate: worried woman

The best idea is to contact your medical professional as soon as possible so that right treatment can be initiated at right time. On time diagnosis often leads to improvement over several tough conditions. Also, it is good to see doctor in case if you observe any of these troubles:

  • Frequent and painful urination where females may feel difficulty in urine passage.
  • Notice blood mixed in urine.
  • Suffer with painful sexual intercourse.
  • Some females also feel pressure behind pubic bones.
  • One can also face abnormal cycles for menstruation and it may also cause sudden changes in cycles.

Prostate in females is not always due to cancer. Here are several conditions that may also lead to prostate development:

1. Infections

You must have heard about Prostatitis that leads to swelling in the male prostate gland. Note that, for females this prostatitis is observed in form of Urethra Infection. But in few cases, in may be the infections of Skene’s glands and several researchers have proven this fact during their studies. Several cases of Urethra infections have been treated till now and doctors these days are well aware of the different between such infections and female prostate that demands different kind of treatment.

Do Women Have A Prostate: Infections

Few commonly observed symptoms of Skene’s gland infection are:

  • Painful, frequent and difficult urination.
  • It creates pressure behind pubic bones.

Note that, several untreated kind of STIs may also leaf to female prostate. One of the most common examples in this category is gonorrhoea that often gets spread around female genital area and not even shows any potential symptom.

2. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Generally, women that are suffering with PCOS trouble use to have greater imbalance for hormones in reproductive system. Note that, size of prostate use to be much larger in PCOS affected women as compared to healthy women.

Also, studies reveal that level of prostate specific antigens use to be higher in females who are suffering with PCOS. It is important to know that PSA or Prostate Specific Antigen is a commonly available hormone in Skene’s glands and its levels use to vary during PCOS diagnosis.

3. Cysts

There is no typical age based criteria for Cysts as they can appear over Skene’s glands of any female.

Do Women Have A Prostate: Cysts

The terrible fact is that it may also appear in new born babies. But the truth is that uncomplicated kind of cysts issues can be easily drained and they often get healed even without demanding any specific treatment.

4. Adenofibroma

This is a non cancerous kind of growth and is often found on glandular or fibrous tissues. One recent case study reveals that adenofibroma found in female prostate can lead to pain while having sexual intercourse.

Do Women Have A Prostate: Histology of human tissue

It is essential to undergo a surgery to get rid of this tumour and it will help you to get rid of pain.

What is the actual purpose of prostate in female body?

Many experts believe that prostate in female body use to release some kind of fluid. This fluid appears thick, scanty and has whitish color while containing PSA. Note that, female ejaculation is actually not a part of orgasm and frequency of this has be estimated somewhere around 10 to 54 percent.

During few recent years, medical professionals have taken help from MRIs to detect the presence as well as functionality of female prostate. However, the research should be continued ahead to make ideas more clear but the basic understanding have obtained a boost with this initiative. You might be aware of the fact that prostate gland in males use to store infections inside body. Several studies around the world reveal that Skene’s glands also serve the similar kind of function.

Now, it is already clear that skene’s glands use to release some fluid during sexual activity and it use to be of watery in appearance. As per one detailed study published in 2007, this fluid that is excreted into the tract from Skene;s Duct use to be consistent with the prostate fluid but it is not observed to have consistency with urine.

What is the actual purpose of prostate in female body?

Note that, major task of this prostate fluid is related to sperm deposition. When we talk about males, then this prostate fluid helps in cleaning of urine from urethra during sexual activity. Also, it assists to make acidic vaginal canal highly alkaline in nature so that sperms can have improved survival rate. In case of females, this fluid may help sperm to travel inside vagina to cervix and ultimately it leads to fertilization of egg.

All these studies reveal that prostate in females is not due to cancer always rather it has a normal functionality and serves major tasks during sexual activities. Still, researchers are making efforts to collect more information about this controversial part if female body. If you have certain troubles associated with it then it is good to consult a trustworthy physician as soon as possible to avail proper guidelines.

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